Friday, 8 June 2012

Just Around the Corner . . .

Can you feel it?


It is just around the corner, and I am so excited!

At the beginning of the week, I  had my doubts as to whether or not I would see my beloved friend again.  It was so cold and grey out that I feared we may be in a perpetual state of Maritime Spring.


Can you say dreary?!

But my hope was  restored, as I woke up this morning to the sun streaming through my window.  My heart leaped with joy as I speculated on the possibility of all things lazy we could do today. There are no appointments, no errands to run, no elaborate plans to unfold: just a delightful Friday with me and my boys, quietly finishing up our school year at a snail's pace, while sipping on Freezies and peppermint tea (for the mama).


And, if you are asking yourself why this mama needs a lazy day, check out this photo dump.  We have been very busy!

There was a Birthday party for one of my favourite guys . . .

Monkey cupcakes were the perfect fit for this crowd:

Baby Girl went to Quebec City . . . 
(and NEVER checked in on FB to let her mama know all was well . . . Sheesh!)

The boys and I went on an End-of-the-School-Year field trip to Cherry Brook Zoo and Rockwood Park with some friends:

There have been house guests:

There have been extra snuggles doled out to the poor puppy, who was a little jealous of the novelty and excitement surrounding our house guests:

There have been dinners with friends:

There have been orthodontist appointments:

Children of the 21st Century are soooo spoiled!
And dental appliances to get used to:

There have been nights of "firsts", like my 3am visit to the ER to be hooked up to a heavy duty IV cocktail to alleviate migraine pain:

Carolyn, you know me so well . . . tee hee!  I will do anything for my Blog, even post ghastly pictures of myself.
Yikes!  For the sake of everyone involved, let's hope that never happens again.

There were End-of-the-School-Year celebrations:

There were countless shopping trips made looking for that one perfect dress for our favourite grade 8 graduate, and, which I am very happy to report, was finally found on Wednesday. Hooray!! Unfortunately, posting a pic of the above-mentioned dress at this time would endanger my life and the existence of this Blog so I will simply give you a peek at the adorable, and absolutely perfect, shoes we bought to match the dress:

( I promise pictures will be posted after the dance on June 19.  She will be breathtaking!)

And, finally, soccer.  Lots of soccer!  Soccer practices, soccer games, and soccer outings!

Here is Elliot at the Canada/ China World Cup soccer game in Moncton with some fellow Kingston Soccer kids!  He had a blast, and from the sounds of it, ate his weight in hot dogs and french fries!


And now you know why I am so happy to have a lazy Friday ahead of me.

Enjoy your weekend!  

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