Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Puppy Love

Although Leif and Scout are best buddies now, it did not start out that way. When Leif was born, Scout was indifferent to this tiny human who cried all the time and stole his comfy sleeping spot between mom and dad. Then, when Leif began to crawl, Scout's indifference evolved into disdain. Not only had this kid kicked him out of his bed, but he was now able to move and liked to hang out underneath the table, where from Scout's perspective, is the ideal spot to snatch some stray snacks. Of course, Leif soon also discovered Scout's bowl of food, and as much as I am sure it killed him, Scout would simply back away and wait for someone to come get the little nuisance. As Leif began to encroach upon more of Scout's territory, his frustration became more visible. Typically, he would just roll his eyes (I swear he would), groan, get up and move, but one time, he growled. Thankfully, Mr. Level-Headed was here because the mama bear in me almost reared her ugly head and had that dog skinned alive and made into a rug, but like I said, Mr. Level-Headed was there and firmly told Scout that was not allowed with all of his alpha-male authority. Truthfully, though, it did scare me and I began to watch their interactions very closely.

Thankfully, things quickly began to change right around the same time Leif started solids. Scout, being the opportunistic pooch that he is, finally realized that this mini tyrant who had been driving him crazy over the past couple of months did, in fact, serve a useful purpose. As more and more food found its way to the floor from the highchair, Scout's affection and tolerance for Leif blossomed. With each handful of goldfish crackers that Leif would kindly share and with each flick of his peanut butter toast onto the floor, Scout fell in love. Now, Scout spends his days following Leif around, sitting anxiously at his feet, and allowing him to poke and prod him to his heart's content just for a portion of the yummy remnants of food that Leif leaves in his wake. In fact, Leif is keenly aware of how dependent their relationship is on food and will now request that I feed Scout with him. The other morning as I broke off a piece of banana and gave it to Leif, he looked at me, pointed to Scout and said:

Dout? (Scout in baby language)

Yes, that is Scout.


Oh, you want me to give him some banana. No way!

To which Leif responded by tossing his banana onto the floor and requesting another one for himself . . . tee hee!

Smart kid, but I think the puppy might be even smarter.

And now for the photo evidence because, in all honesty, is there anything cuter than babies and puppies?

I think not.

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