Saturday, 21 March 2015

Keeping It Real

Oh, the difference twenty-four hours can make. Yesterday, I was swooning over motherhood and today, well . . . to be honest, I was ready to run away and ship Mr. Level-Headed the baby after he or she was born without a return address attached. I was done, completely and utterly done. It was just me and the boys this afternoon because Derrick and Zoe were in Fredericton for a volleyball tournament, and it is typically just the boys and I, so I don't know why today was such a disaster but it was. Perhaps because, yeah, well, it is typically the boys and I, and frankly, I think we were all a little tired of one another. While I was helping Elliot write up a rough draft for his Heritage fair project, which is due early next week and which he forgot to inform me about until late Wednesday evening . . . anyhoo, Leif and Avery fought. There may be ten years between the two of them, but man, can they fight. Then when they were not fighting, they were beating each other playfully with Styrofoam bricks, which left a lovely dusting of white pieces of Styrofoam all over my already destroyed living room that is littered with Kleenex, toys, and remnants of the day's snacks. The TV was also on for far longer than I care to admit and this always aggravates me to no end, but in spite of all my attempts to redirect their attention elsewhere, whenever it was off, a fight would ensue and I would cave, once again, and turn it back on. All of this lead to me standing in the bathroom at 7:30pm, crying my eyes out and praying to God for just a morsel of strength so that I could get up off the floor, face my darling little hellions once again and cook a few pancakes before they began to eat one another. Yeah, so that was my day. It was fun . . . not, so why did I feel the overwhelming need to share this with you at 9:30pm, after Leif finally fell asleep? Well, because this is what parenthood looks like. Not just this moment, but a combination of moments like yesterday and today. Like everything in life, there are good times and bad times. Unfortunately, today was one of the bad times for me, and I think it is important that we all remember that they happen to everyone, no matter your circumstance. We are human, and life is tough, for everyone. So, let's try to be a little more kinder, a little less judgmental, and a whole lot more patient with one another. Deal?

Have a great weekend!

Oh, and while I soak my miserable day away in a scorching hot bath and ignore the dishes, the laundry and the mess, I am going to be thinking about those moments when I love being a mama, like yesterday, when Leif and I were putting stickers on our noses and taking selfies.

Or like today, when we introduced Leif to bubble wrap for the first time.

bubble wrap . . . . . .

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