Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The Golden Boy

I am crushing pretty hard on this one lately. 

Mind you, he has had next to no competition lately. The Big Three (yes, I am currently obsessed with This is Us too) want nothing to do with their "loser" mom. In fact, I texted Baby Girl tonight to see if she wanted to Facetime, and I got:

I'm at a fashion show. Bye.

She is living large in Toronto and is way too cool for her mama.

And the boys . . . well, I have one word for you:


And Harriet? 

My dear, sweet Harriet is smack-dab in the middle of the Terrible Two's and rotates between two emotions every thirty seconds:



Quite frankly, it is terrifying and exhausting.

So, yeah, Leif is the golden child right now. He is obsessed with his Playmobil action figures, and can play with them for hours on end, which makes me giddy because up until last year, if he was occupied for any amount of time longer than five minutes, it meant he was into something he should not be into, like: Vaseline, Zincofax, dish detergent, etc. The list was long and super messy.

 And he is so funny right now without even trying to be funny. If we drive anywhere longer than five minutes, he asks if we are still on planet earth. It always cracks me up, and I want nothing more than to reply:

I am, but I have no clue where you are at the moment.

He is not getting the whole concept of a city, within a province, within a country, within a continent, and so on. He is convinced his grandparents live on a completely different planet.

And I love getting sneak peeks into how he perceives the world.  The other day, while we were driving his friend to our house, his friend asked:

Is this your house?

Yep. We live here now. We used to live in a blue house, but our neighbours moved in and so we needed to find a new place.


Not quite, but it blows my mind that he even remembers the colour of our old house. He was two when we lived there!

And I love that he loves words almost as much as I do. As he was decorating one of  his planes with stickers this afternoon, he says:

My friends are going to be so impressed with this plane, mom.

It is really nice, Leif.

I would actually say it is handsome and cool . . .

and then he paused . . .

just like me!

Then, along with his million-dollar smile, he let out the biggest giggle.

Yep, I am pretty smitten.

Perhaps I can send Harriet to kindergarten next year and keep this one home with me . . . just kidding.

Or am I?

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