Saturday, 24 March 2012

A Funny Story

Thursday night I laid down in bed and was about to drift off to sleep, when I realised I had forgotten to make up Elliot's schedule for Friday.  I tossed and turned, while debating whether or not to get up and do it, but eventually my inner procrastinator won out and I fell fast asleep.

Friday morning, the kids and I got up early and headed out to a doctor's appointment and to do some errands.  By the time we got home, everyone went off in their own direction.  Avery played pirates with his Play Mobil, Zoe and Elliot built a fort in the boys' room, and I began a sewing project.  It was a fantastic Friday afternoon!

Everything was going well until Zoe and Elliot grew bored of their fort and began pestering me about supper.

What are we having for supper, mom?

If you have no plans, can we make it?

As my sewing machine was clicking away, I tried to remember what was planned for supper, while also trying to ignore the two hovering bodies over me.  I knew I had something planned but could not for the life of me remember what it was.  Then it dawned on me; we were going to have take-out.  But why?  I usually only schedule a take-out day if we are not going to be home, and since soccer wasn't until 6pm this made no sense at all.

click click click click click . . . . the sewing machine buzzed

why oh why were we going to have take-out . . . .  my brain asked


I screamed and leaped from the table.

Avery!  Charlee's birthday party is right now!  We have to go!

With all the sunshine my brain had soaked up over the past three days, I had completely forgotten about Charlee's Birthday, even though her wrapped gift had been carefully placed on the counter earlier in the week so I would not forget.  Ugh!

But rather than spring into action, my kids stared at me with looks of horror and a slightly green-tinge to their complexion.  


We thought you sewed your finger or something, mom.  Don't ever scream like that again.


 Right . . . my poor hovering, unsuspecting children were not privy to the inner dialogue that was going through my head just moments ago.

Elliot was the most visibly upset so I gave him a squeeze, and apologised.

I am really sorry, bud, for scaring you like that.

What is wrong with you today, mom?

I forgot all about Charlee's birthday party and I didn't want Avery to miss it.  Sorry.

Elliot stood there for a moment quietly, and then his face lit up:

I know what's wrong.  The schedule!  You forgot to make up today's schedule.

I think you are right, bud.

Geesh!  And they think I am the one with NLD . . . .

tee hee!

Score one for Elliot.

Here's Mr. Smarty Pants, later that evening, holding up his win for being the MVP of our first game of pick-up soccer for the season.  There will be no living with him here on out!

Have a great weekend!  Oh, and if you see Papa Skov around, wish him a Happy Birthday!!

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