Thursday, 15 March 2012

This Blog is Brought to you by the Letter "P"

What a sweet surprise it was yesterday to wake up and find out that school was cancelled.  The rule here at Shenanigans Inc. is that if District 6 is closed so are we, but I didn't know what to do yesterday.  We were only two days into our routine and I didn't want to abandon it even for a day since I have seen such tremendous progress in Elliot, BUT having school on a day, which was clearly slated to be a day-off, would throw him into one ginormous meltdown.  What's a girl to do?  So, I decided to cancel school but not our routines.  This was met with some resistance, but it proved to be the right decision.  We had a fabulous day!!

The kids Played.

We watched a Philm 
I know this one is a stretch, but come on, be a sport.

I made a Pirate's flag.

Avery's response was: "I can't believe you made something that cool!" . . . tee hee!
The kids made Play-doh.

And we celebrated Pi-day!
Pi equals 3.14 and so on, and yesterday's date was 3-14.  I LOVE it!!

Zoe wearing her "Pi" shirt that she received at last year's District 6 Math Competition.

Our Pi Pie for dessert . . . tee hee!
I totally stole this idea from my friend, Kate, who had a Pi supper complete with quiche and pumpkin pie.  She is so awesome!!  

  It's the little things in life that make me smile!  

Oh, and don't think you can only celebrate Pi on March 13 because it makes for a great birthday theme as well:

Zoe's cake this year. 

Hap-pi Birthday!  . . . I crack myself up . . . tee hee!

As great as the day was, bedtime was not so hot.  Elliot was agitated and freaked out (probably because of our out-of-the-ordinary day).  Eventually, we brought him into our bed, where I massaged his feet and legs, while he read a book.  An hour later, he was much calmer so I sent him back to his own bed.  Now, I see that he ended up sleeping on the couch last night, which means we are in for one very challenging day today. Please pray for me!

Okay, I will stop now . . . tee hee!


  1. What a Positively Perfect pirate flag! :) Hope your day today turns out better than you Predicted!

    1. Ha, ha! I knew I could count on you, Andrea, to Play along. :)
      Oh, and as for today, it has been down right difficult, but I sent them out to work on the pirate ship, hoping that would turn him around.
      Thanks for being such a huge supporter of my blog and my fam. :)