Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Long-Awaited Reconcilation

The boys woke up at the crack of dawn this morning. It was 5:45 am. Mr. Level-Headed was in the shower, and I was sleeping lightly amidst all my pillows and blankets. Then out of the blue I heard a sharp, piercing cackle, followed up by an eruption of giggles.

Ugh! The boys are up.

Don't get me wrong; I love my boys, but they did not settle until 10:30 pm last night, and let's face it, there is only so much one mama can take. So, who is the culprit behind all of this madness? Well, that would be none other than Elliot. He has been off his rocker for about two weeks now. He is not sleeping, he is agitated, and his emotions are on one long, and wild roller coaster. We can't seem to pinpoint what is going on, but from past experience, we think it is the change in season. School is coming to a close, soccer season is starting, and the days are longer. The change in routine that comes about with each season change seems to really mess his little system up, and so we just have to wait it out. We just have to help him get through it, and we just have to try our best not to throttle him.

It is going to be a very long day.

Pray for me.

Anyhoo . . .

Enough with my whiny rant. It is Tuesday! I am officially 17 weeks today, and I visit the doctor today to hear the always adorable Thing 4's heartbeat. Oh, and after last night, when all three of my children were blatantly ignoring me and not cooperating one bit as I was trying to get them all to settle down for the evening, I texted Mr. Level-Headed one last time for the day to tell him that Thing 4 is officially my favourite offspring. You see Thing 4, amidst all of the hullabaloo his siblings were kicking up,far exceeded the expectations of his/her obligatory bedtime nudges and gave me a whomping fourteen kicks in forty five minutes. This is new record for Thing 4, and quite out of the ordinary for such a young fetus, but what can I say, we make active kids.

Anyhoo . . . again . . .

Sheesh! I can't seem to remain focused this morning. What I really wanted to blog about today is my precious puppy Scout and is adorable new fur cut.

Look at that face!

And how cute is that bum?

His cuteness factor has shot up like 100% ever since he got shaved, and he knows it too. Oh, he has become so obnoxious (in a cute way of course). No one can sit down without Scout jumping right up on top of them, putting his face right up to theirs, and begging for some loving with his pleading puppy dog eyes. 

Who could resist a face like that?

And I am pleased to announce with all that fur gone, Scout's odour has become far less offensive to the pregnant me and we have reconcilliated our differences. It's good to have my best buddy back!

He also makes the best pillow for my growing baby bump.

Scout, I think it is fair to say that you are officially my second favourite offspring . . . tee hee!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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