Friday, 28 June 2013

Good Food, Good Friends, Good Times

Who is with me? The first week of summer vacation just went way too fast! Eeeeek! For the first time ever, I am sad to see the weekend approach because that means our time with the soccer coaches from the British Challenger Soccer Camp is coming to an end. We have had so much fun getting to know them and sharing our home with them. Each year I always fret that this could be the year it does not work out, that we will not be a good match with our coach, and that the entire week will be awkward, but it never happens. They always send us the best group of coaches, and my kids love having a "big brother" for the entire week.

Whenever we meet someone new who is not from Atlantic Canada, Mr. Level-Headed always manages to find out if they have ever had lobster before, and if not, well, watch out, because he becomes bound and determined to throw one awesome lobster boil for them. Since none of the coaches in our camps have tried lobster and they were all invited to play in a friendly soccer match against a local men's team last night, Mr. Level-Headed figured this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce our British guests to his favourite delicacy. Although a few of them stated that they are not fans of seafood, they were all really good sports and decided to try the lobster anyway. There is nothing funnier than seeing people's expressions the first time they eat lobster, and I thought everyone, myself included, was going to lose it when one of the lobsters fought to get out of the pot of boiling water. It was so disturbing! We must seem so barbaric to our friends from across the pond. In the end, only one of the coaches enjoyed the lobster, but everyone had fun. We took oodles of pictures, we laughed, we stuffed ourselves, and afterwards they all went to play a game of soccer . . . tee hee! Mr. Level-Headed was a little concerned that he would not be able to withstand an entire soccer game and so they invited Elliot to play with them. Much to everyone's shock, Elliot actually scored a goal for them. It was the perfect night!

David and Jack: David is the coach staying with us, and Jack is Zoe's coach at the Hampton camp.

Poor Danny, the head coach, was really not into the lobster, and although he did not take one for himself, he managed to get covered in lobster juice a dozen times thanks to his friends on either side of him.

Danny and Ben: Ben loved everything about his lobster experience!

Avery, who is  not a huge fan, ate an entire lobster himself. That boy can do anything when he puts his mind to it (and when he is trying to look tough for guests)!

Jenny, another one of Zoe's coaches from Hampton, wasn't too sure about the whole lobster experience either, but she ate more than Danny! :)

Elliot loves lobster and takes the entire process very seriously.

Danny was very happy to find out that we barbecued sausages as well.

Whose up for some soccer now! Our team was made up of Kingston coaches, the British soccer coaches, some boys from the Kingston U16AA team, and Elliot. In the end they lost 4:3, but everyone had fun, and that's all that matters, right?

My man!I was so scared we would have a repeat from last fall. No broken ankles this time , though. . . . phew!

Avery and I cheered from the sidelines, while Zoe was invited to sit on the bench with the team as their official photographer.

In spite of the rain, the black flies, the chilly winds, and our barbaric eating habits here in Atlantic Canada, I would have to say it was a pretty awesome night and everyone had a blast! 

It is going to be so hard to say goodbye to them on Sunday morning.

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