Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Leify 101

I am so embarrassed that after all the blog build up for Thing 4 (aka Leif), I have done very little blogging since his birth. I didn't even bother buying him a Baby Book because I figured I would capture all of his milestones on the blog . . . ugh! Yes, my Mother of the Year award should be here any day now.

So, out of desperation, Leif, here is everything I remember . . . in point form . . . I am such a class act . . . tee hee!
  • We call you Leify. Yeah, it's not cool. I promise to stop by the time you have friends. 

  • You are below-average height and weight (15th percentile). Get used to it; you're a Webster!

  • You love your cousin, Ava! The two of you get excited to see one another, but you can also be very rough with one another. There has been some eye gouging and hair pulling, but also lots of drooly baby kisses. You two are adorable together!

  • Since four months old, you have been able to get up on all fours, but it was not until June, when you were 7 months old, that you actually were able to move that way . . . mind you it was backwards. Then finally, just last week (July) you started to inch forward. Now there is no stopping you! And trust me, you are using your mobility for trouble - one afternoon, I had to remove you from a cupboard in our china cabinet and then later console you after you crawled off of Avery's bed (yes, your siblings were supposed to be watching you and thankfully a large Scooby Doo doll broke your fall . . . sorry).

  • Since the beginning of July, you have been able to stand up unassisted.

  • You can take steps while holding onto someone's hands.
  • You love to eat! You love meat, veggies, fruits and . . . . cake, strawberry sorbet and french fries . . . tee hee! You fourth babies have it made! The only food that you do not like so far is bananas. Unfortunately, though, you seem to have a lot of food sensitivities too - dairy and peanuts . . . boo! Oh, and on that note, pooping is always a major ordeal/event for you. Probably because it only happens twice a week - Sunday and Wednesday.
  • You hate the word No because you know exactly what it means and you find it deeply insulting that anyone should restrict you from doing what you want to do. Avery has begun to refer to it as the "N" word whenever you are around because mere utterance of that dreaded word makes you break down in tears.

  • Your first word was mama, and for that you will always be my favourite child . . . tee hee! 
  • You LOVE the water! You love pools, bath tubs, showers, water slides, and the beach. It does not matter how cold the water is, or how dirty it is, you just love to be in it.

  • EVERYTHING goes into your mouth - electrical cords, cat toys, paper, grass, markers. Even pink sookies . . .

  • You LOVE your toys, and your favourite game is to roll a ball back and forth with a partner.You will also sit on your bum and twirl around to kick a ball. We figure you definitely have a soccer career in your future!

  • Your favourite person in the world is your daddy. Recently on your first trip to PEI, you would not get out of your daddy's arms. You just wanted to be with him

  • Your next favourite person is Zoe. You will gladly leave my arms for hers. I don't really know where I fall on your scale of favourite people, but I suspect it is somewhere just below Scout and somewhere just above the boys . . . tee hee!

  • You are a fairly easy going baby and you love to be on the move. You can sleep anywhere and you usually do not go down to sleep at night until either your dad or I go with you.
  • I think you may become a ginger . . . eeep! I am really praying for this one.

  • You love to have your picture taken!

  • You are my first thumb sucker, and I think it is precious.

  • You love your touch and feel books.

  • You are the king of blowing raspberries, especially in the most inappropriate times like during prayers and church services.
  • We are trying to keep you away from the television. The key word is "trying" . . .

  • We seem to be developing a Dr. Seuss theme with your clothes. You have a Thing 4 onesie, a Green Eggs and Ham romper, and a "Cow" in the Hat tshirt from Cows.

  • You are strictly a cloth diaper baby, and your mama even puts pink ones on you . . . gasp!

  • When you get excited, you sit straight up, stick your feet straight out and flap your hands . . . it is the funniest thing EVER and you have done it ever since you were just a wee baby. 

  • Your eyes sparkle and your smile is so big that you have to scrunch up your eyes and nose just to make room for it. And speaking of eyes, they seem to be staying blue. Hey, there pretty blue eyes . . . .
  • You make my heart burst at least a million times a day because of your off-the-charts adorability and because I am so thankful that you are finally here with us.

I love you, Leif, with all my heart and I always will.

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