Friday, 8 August 2014

Leif's Life (According to my IPhone)

I admit that I post a lot of pictures of Leif on Facebook and Instagram, but they are just a smackeral of all the photos I take of him during the week. I can't help myself; this kid is adorable! And he LOVES to have his picture taken. So, according to my Iphone, this is what Leif's life looked like this week:

  • Monkey costumes on a hot, humid morning . . . sorry, baby, I couldn't resist.

  • Swimming with cousin Ava . . . let's talk about this Elmo hat . . . I love it!

  • Sometimes you just need to be caged.

  • It's really hard to get any errands done when this little face is staring back at you . . . baby, you are made for baseball hats!


  • Some weeks it feels like we live in the van.

  • Another playdate with cousin Ava.

  • Your current favourite toy is a water table that our friends, Blee, Jack and Heather, gave to you. Thanks guys!

  • Lots of late night soccer games. I always feel bad picking you up out of your car seat when you are fast asleep.

  • Too many late nights on the soccer field. This morning you woke up, crawled over to my legs and fell back to sleep. I didn't mind at all . . .

  • A little afternoon snooze, curled up beside mom, while we listened to the rain beat outside our bedroom window.

  • Ugh! Did I mention you are crawling now?

  • Today you insisted on going out (in the rain) to play with your water table . . . again. Since I am still pretty smitten with you, I granted you your request.

And I am so grateful that I did. I can't wait to see what next week brings us, Leif!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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