Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Thing 1, 2 and 3

Lately, the teenagers of Shenanigans Inc.have been driving me crazy! Derrick's grandmother always said that the Lord makes teenagers so that you don't miss them when they move out . . . tee hee! For the record, I think she is the smartest woman I have ever met. 

Seriously, though, I know it doesn't help that I have zero patience right now because I am nursing a sick baby with his first ever ear infection,who all of a sudden insists upon being up at all hours of the night, BUT . . . come on, kids. Be kind to your mama! Like this morning. I dragged my exhausted butt of bed and decided to make everyone a breakfast sandwich to start their day. Well, you would have sworn I had given them some day -old, dirty diapers to chow down on because they were irate!

What? I don't want a breakfast sandwich!

Where's my Fruit Loops!

Ugh! Why did you make me breakfast.

Thankfully, Avery, who has not yet entered into that oh-so-adorable teenage condition, gobbled his breakfast right up and then thanked his mama for making breakfast. With ooey, gooey, cranky Leif on my hip all day and two teenagers who do nothing but groan and grumble, it is pretty safe to say that Avery is definitely my favourite child. (Let's pretend I didn't just write that)

Anyhoo . . .

So, I yelled, and I may have threatened to make waffles for Avery on Friday and not offer them any, and I may have slammed a drawer, and I may have texted Derrick that heads were going to roll today, and . . . .

I was definitely not wearing my Mother of the Year pendant this morning. Ugh!

But, for now they are safe because at the moment, I want to grab all three of my big kids and squeeze them tight. I want to smother them in kisses and never let them go.

Why the change of heart, you ask. Well, last night Zoe found an old camera of ours that had been stashed away in Mr. Level-Headed's desk at his Realty Executives office. He brought the camera home a few months ago when he emptied out his office, and for some reason Zoe found it on a shelf in the hallway. Immediately, she checked to see what pictures were on it and was surprised when she found these:

According to the camera, these were taken in 2007, and judging from the pictures, this would have been Elliot's sixth birthday party . . . . awwwwwww! Zoe would have been 9 and Avery would have only been 3. They were so cute! And I bet they would have happily eaten their breakfast sandwiches too without any eye rolling or sassing their mama. I miss these babies.

After we all oohed and ahhed over these photos and reminisced about the good-ol-days on Downsview Dr, we all had a good chuckle when we saw the next photo on the camera:


hahahahaha! I guess he was feeling left out.

So, to Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3, and Thing 4, know this. Your mama loves you with all her heart; no matter how saucy you are, no matter how many times you roll your eyes at me, no matter how ooey gooey you are or how many nights you keep me from sleeping, you are four of the most precious people to me and you will forever be in my heart.

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