Thursday, 2 October 2014

Morning Mayhem

*please note that this post goes through periods of where there are no capital letters used due to the fact that I had a nursing infant attached to me and could only use one hand . . . carry on.

i woke up late this morning, and that pretty much guarantees that our morning will be crumby. i woke up avery and he hopped into the shower. then i went downstairs and harassed elliot until he dragged his lifeless body out of bed. 

come on, bud. you can do this! we are late and you need to start moving.

I rushed into the storage room to grab two cans of Alpha-getti for the boys' lunch (nothing but the best for my munchkins) and then I bolted back upstairs to get breakfast made, lunches packed and two boys dressed and ready for the day. like every other morning this week, though, i had to wade through the previous night's supper dishes in order to even find a space big enough to spread their lunch boxes out. At this point, I decided to scrap the pancakes I had intended to make, according to the lovely menu plan I had so painstakingly created on the weekend, and declared breakfast to be cereal . . . again. BUT, then I remembered that Avery's goat's milk was all gone, and since he gets terrible pains from cow's milk and he does not like rice milk on his cereal, pancakes were back on the menu. ugh!

come on boys! you are going to be late!

So, as the Alpha-getti was cooking and I was throwing in crackers, apples, clementines,and brownies into their lunch boxes, I was also scrambling to wash out the mixing bowl and gather the pancake ingredients.

do you boys have your soccer stuff packed for practice today? Elliot, get your socks and sneakers on.

mom, the baby pooped.

i will change him after.

mom, where are my cleats?

at the back door.

mom, I have no clean socks.

check the laundry pile in the living room.

mom, did you sign my homework folder?


mom. the baby is in the dishwasher.

just remove the knives.

Text: are you guys ready for prayer
(we've been saying our daily morning prayer via speaker phone with Derrick just before he goes into work)

give me two minutes. 

At 7:35 (five minutes before the boys leave for the bus) i placed pancakes in front of them and we all gathered around to say the world's quickest prayer.then i dashed outside in my jammies to grab their soccer socks that had been left on the clothes line. i finished packing their lunches, closed up their book bags and sent the boys running up the driveway to catch the bus that was seconds away from our house. 

i love you!

we know!

Glowing with pride over my ultimate, super mama skills for getting the boys out the door washed, fed, and watered just in time to catch the bus yet again, I felt pretty invincible.

Take that Thursday morning! You are no match for me. Now, I am off to tackle a dirty diaper and feed my baby. Leif!

And there he was elbow deep in the bin of flour I had left opened on the floor . . .

ugh! foiled again.

Every super hero has one villain that brings them to their knees daily, and mine happens to be an 18lbs, blonde, blue-eyed baby with a penchant for stirring up shenanigans.

At least he keeps me humble.

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