Friday, 3 October 2014

Where Art Thou, Bob?

My attempt at using the blog as Leif's baby book is failing miserably, and so excuse me for a moment while I list a few of his milestones:
  • you are our earliest walker! That's right you started taking steps at nine months. The most we have counted you taking in one stretch is seven . . . so far.
  •  in the month of August you had your fist hornet sting and you went to your first drive-in movie theatre, which was kind of neat because it was a first for both of your brothers too AND your sister still has not gone.
  • you love to climb stairs.
  • Grampy Skov-Nielsen taught you how to use  your hand as a gun, and let's just say, you picked up on that skill very quickly. You now spend your days shooting everything you pass, complete with sound effects. You are such a boy!
  • you try to bark like the dog when we are outside
  • you love to eat sand, and pretty much anything else we will feed you - pizza (no cheese), hummus, brocolli, hamburgers, pancakes, ham sandwiches, rice, peas, apples, etc. No baby food for you.
  • at your doctor's appointment in August, you weighed a whomping 17lbs. 4oz, and you were 28" long. (Sorry, baby, but you are Webster through and through - small, but mighty!)
  • your newest word is baaaa for ball, which is really not a big surprise because you love balls, and your favourite game is rolling a ball back and forth with somebody.
  • I also swear you say the word book, but that could have something to do with your current fascination with the "B" sound,
which is great lead in to today's post. . . . .

Lately your favourite word is Bob. You call out for Bob as soon as your eyes open, when we are playing in the backyard, when we are driving in the car, and when you are standing at, or in, the dishwasher. We have no idea who Bob is, but you are frantically searching for him.We don't even know if you know who Bob is, but we are all eagerly awaiting for that day you finally find him because we are quite curious to find out what you need to tell him.

Recently, we visited Halifax because Zoe had an appointment at the IWK, and you were even calling out for Bob in a local park there. Unfortunately, Bob is not in Halifax either, but you did capture the attention of many people passing by, and you very much enjoyed entertaining them.


Where is Bob?


This is so very disappointing.

I have to say, Leif, you sure make my days much more interesting. I love you, baby.

Oh, and if you know Bob, could you please tell him that Leif Webster has an urgent message to pass along.

. . .  tee hee!

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