Monday, 24 August 2015

Harriet, Harriet, Harriet

Miss Harriet turned two months old yesterday. I am so smitten with her, and I am having a blast dressing her up in pink and dresses. She is the perfect addition to our family. Here are a few things you may or may not know about Miss Harriet:

  • Harriet's first nickname was Thing 5. We now call her Miss Moo, Hattie the Fattie (her siblings), Baby Hulk, and Mighty Mouse.

  • Harriet is our best sleeper. She sleeps from about 10pm to 4am each night. 

  • She is our noisiest baby. She grunts and groans every morning from 5am until we wake up. She also snores and moans.
  • On her two month birthday, Harriet cooed for the first time; not to anyone in her family but to my friend Jenn at church. 
  • She HATES the car and her car seat!
  • She is our strongest baby. Through sheer determination and frustration and an intense obsession with nursing, Harriet has wiggled up to me in the bed on her belly, she has rolled over from back to belly (not intentionally and very inconsistently so I do not view it as reaching one of her milestones), and she has been able to hold her head up since she was one hour old. 

Hence why we call her Mighty Mouse!
  • When she was born, she was covered in vernix. None of our other babies were born with it, and my mom, who worked in Labour and Delivery for years as a nurse, suspects that Miss Harriet was younger than 39 weeks due to the vernix and a few other notable features like a lack of eyebrows and a lack of cartilage in her ears. 

  • Harriet loves to snuggle and like her big sister Zoe, she is extremely fond of her mama. This fondness for mama is very insulting to her siblings.
  • She has already eaten big people food . . . Eeeek! And no, it was not thanks to the toddler. One evening, I was nursing Harriet at the supper table (she is obsessed and I was starving!). When I looked down to see how she was doing, I noticed a piece of rice lying right beside her mouth and before I could grab it, she sucked it in!  
  • She has the BEST smile in the whole entire world, and like her mama, she scrunches up her eyes when she smiles. 

  • She makes the SILLIEST faces!

Harriet, I love you with all my heart. We needed another girl here at Shenanigans Inc. and I am glad that girl is you. Happy 2 month birthday, Baby Girl!

You really are beautiful!

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