Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Summer Nights

The afternoons have been long lately but, man, the evenings are killing it! Zoe has been working two jobs the past couple of days, which has left me and the two-under-two crew stranded. At home. In the heat. And because I have baby brain, I keep forgetting to take the stroller out of the van before she leaves for work. ugh! 
And for some unknown reason, Miss Harriet does not enjoy the pool. I think it is because she is very close to mom's cleavage, and well, it's kind of like the story If you give a Mouse a Cookie, if you place Miss Harriet too close to mom's cleavage, she is going to want to nurse. It was so hot one afternoon, I contemplated nursing her right there in the pool, but I was worried she may accidentally drink some of the chlorinated water and that can't be good for 8 week babies. What do you think?

Anyhoo . . .

The babes and I were stranded so we pulled out the books and laid in bed with the fan on. This kept them both entertained for quite some time and then after we had all had enough of The Polite Elephant and The Very Busy Spider, we took some selfies. Harriet really needs to improve her selfie skills. Come on, girlfriend!

Leif's got it!

So, yeah, like I said, the days have been long and hot, but the evenings redeemed themselves. The older crew were all busy, which left just Mr. Level-Headed and I with the two-under-two crew. Since it was so hot and there was only three of us who needed supper, we decided to head out. The first night we went to our local pub and sat out on their new deck overlooking the river. It was heavenly! Harriet slept in her sling on my chest while I enjoyed the cool breeze and an even cooler Coca-Cola. Meanwhile, Mr. Level-Headed chased Leif back and forth from the restaurant to the deck. Perhaps it wasn't so heavenly for him . . . ooopsy! 

Then last night, we found ourselves in the same predicament; all the big kids had plans! This time we decided to grab a few pulled pork sandwiches from the Smoking Pig and head over to Meanan's Cove Beach to let Leif play. Again, it was another perfect night! There was a cool breeze coming off the river and lots of kids for Leif to steal toys from . . . ummm . . . I mean play with. Harriet slept in her sling the whole time, while Mr. Level-Headed chased Leif around . . . aaahhhh!

Okay, so I may be a bit spoiled. 

And Leif is a whole lot of bossy. Check it out!

Have I mentioned that Mr. Level-Headed is Leif's new best friend? He is such a great dad!

Leif hereby decrees that the summer of 2015 shall never end!

I absolutely adore laid back summer evenings! No supper to make or clean up after, no homework to do, and no bedtimes to meet. I think this must be what heaven is like - all sunshine and fun with those we love the most.  

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