Friday, 2 September 2011

Little Men

As promised, I am going to tell you all about my boys adventure on Wednesday.  Well, as much as I can since I wasn't with them.  This was a solo mission!

During my visit with Susan and Emma, we sat in the living room admiring the view of the Bay of Fundy, which is just outside of Susan's door (I am so jealous!), chit-chatting like us girls do, and being amused with the antics of Susan's incredibly adorable toddler (again, I am so jealous!).  It was a perfect afternoon!  The older kids in all their teenage awkwardness watched a movie, while the younger guys played.

Amidst our chuckles and chatter, Eli came up to Susan and asked if he and my boys could go to the store. No big deal! Well, that is, it was no big deal for Susan and Eli because this is the norm when you live in an urban setting with sidewalks and stores within walking distance, but for us, country bumpkins, this was new territory, but I didn't think twice of it, which is very strange since I usually think about everything at least a gazillion times before I take action.  But not this day.  I guess the wonderful company, the interesting conversation, the beautiful view (of the bay, the toddler, and my new prize) had lulled me into a state of easy-goingness. 

Sure you can go.  Have fun!

Just to prove how laid back I was, at least two hours had past before I even thought about the boys again and wondered if they had arrived home, and sure enough, there they were sitting in front of the TV enjoying the treats they had bought.

With suppertime quickly approaching and groceries still to be bought, we reluctantly bid our farewells to everyone, and the wee Websters and I jumped back into our van and headed on our way. (Mind you not without great difficulty maneuvering out of Susan's driveway . . . tee hee! How embarrassing!.)

So, boys which store did you walk to?

The Blue Store?


I probably should mention that Susan lives in my childhood neighbourhood, and so, I was very familiar with the Blue Store.

That's the store I used to walk to as a little girl.

Well, it is awesome, and we got a free bag of chips from the Doritos Man who saw we had just bought a bag of Doritos.

Yeah, so we got TWO bags of chips each! 

And a can of pop!

I love that place, mom!  I think we need to go every week on Wednesday now that we know the Doritos delivery schedule.

As a child, my friends and I spent many summer afternoons leisurely walking to the Blue Store to buy our 40 cent bags of chips (Ugh! I sound so old). I remember the sense of freedom I had on these trips and how grown up I felt with money in my pocket and the freedom to choose whatever treat I wanted.  It was invigorating!  And here were my boys having a similar experience.  Initially, it saddened me to think that I wasn't with them to hear what three little boys would discuss on their travels, to witness if they walked along the concrete hedge leading up to the store like we used to as kids, or to see their face when the Doritos Man offered them an extra bag of chips.  But when I began to imagine what their adventure must have been like, or where they sat when Elliot said they needed to take a break to drink some of their pop, my heart fluttered.  Although I wish I could have been there with them on their walk, I was proud of them for doing it on their own. My boys are growing up.  They are becoming little men, and more and more they will be experiencing the world without me, which just makes having the opportunity to home school them this year all the more special to me.

As wild as they are, I am proud to say they are my boys and I love them dearly! 

Happy long weekend everyone!

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  1. Ah, the Blue Store.......when penny candy still only cost a penny and it didn't come prepackaged, but we got to fill those tiny brown bags. AWESOME! :-)