Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A Beautiful Fall Beach Day

Summer here in New Brunswick can be pretty icky with all the fog keeping everything cool and damp, but Autumn never disappoints with it's warm sunshine and brilliant colours.  As wonderful as Fall typically is, though, what we have enjoyed the past couple of days has been out-of-this-world amazing.  Holy heat, Batman!  With summer finally arriving, the boys and I took full advantage of such a beautiful afternoon and headed to the beach.  I must tell you, we got some pretty strange looks standing on the ferry with all of our beach gear in hand from our fellow ferry passengers.  Or were they looks of envy?

When we arrived at the beach, we were shocked to see that the only other beach dwellers that day were a sunbather, a reader, and this deer.

I don't know how this woman was able to keep her cool?  I would be freaking out if a deer insisted on hovering this close to me.

And he struck around for quite some time watching my boys swim and strolling the beach.

It was so bizarre!

But, eventually we grew tired of watching him, and the boys switched their attention to using their boogie boards as surf boards.

In spite of how cold the water was, the boys dove right in!

It's so strange to see all the fall colours in the background!

After the reader and the deer left, Elliot dried off and waged a secret seaweed attack on his unsuspecting brother in the water.  Muwahaha!


Here is Elliot declaring himself Lord Supreme over Gondola Point Beach:

After which, he turned and told me this was the best Phys. Ed. class ever!

I think he may be getting hooked onto homeschooling as well.

tee hee!

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