Monday, 26 September 2011

School Uniforms

In order to make the School of Shenanigans more official, we decided to come up with a school uniform.  Nothing says "official" like starched white collared shirts, button up jackets, and carefully pressed khaki's, right? Well, thank heavens we are not that "official".  Here at the School of Shenanigans we like to get dirty, we like to play sports, and we like to be comfortable. 

Oh, and matching always helps too:

1.  Clean underwear is a must.  Sure, many of you are thinking: "Well, isn't that obvious!".  Unfortunately, no, particularly with the seven and ten year old crowd.

2.  Students must wear their Patriots paraphernalia, preferably a new t-shirt recently purchased by two loving grandparents on a recent trip to Utah.  Thanks, nanny and grampy!  And, in spite of the disastrous outcome of yesterday's game, you must wear it with pride.

3.  All students need camouflage cargo pants because the camo comes in handy when you are either planning an ambush on unsuspecting visitors or you are trying to hide from your crotchety, old teacher at test time.  Surprisingly, this has not happened yet, but we still have 30 + weeks of school left so you never know.  Also, cargo pants have lots of pockets which are perfect for concealing weapons in if a mutiny is in the works (again, only a speculation), or for hiding treasured rocks, frogs, or cheat sheets.

tee hee!

I suppose I should confess now that these "uniforms" only happened by chance one morning last week.  In fact, the boys did not even realize they had dressed alike until I pointed it out after lunch, which makes me wonder what they do notice if anything at all.  Hmmmm . . . . something to ponder.

I hope you have a fantabulous, shenanigan-filled week!!

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