Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Alternate Routes

So, what do you think of my new Blog design?  I love it, and I have my very intelligent and very creative friend, Andrea to thank for it.  You should check out her blog sometime.  That woman can do anything; she puts me to shame.  But, seriously, if you are looking to shop local this Christmas, you should check out her goodies.  I just bought a certain someone an adorable handmade Beaver Ipod cover.  It is so cute!  I am even thinking about keeping it for myself.  Unfortunately, you are going to have to wait until after Christmas to see the pic, though.  Sorry!   Anyhoo, three cheers for Andrea for teaching me how to tinker with my blog design:

Hip hip hooray!

Hip hip hooray!

Hip hip hooray!

The only reason I can function in this world is because I surround myself with people who know what they are doing, and I am never ashamed to ask them for help.  Again, thank you, Andrea!

We have now come to the part of my blog where I usually come up with some smooth or witty way to transition into my post, but I can't think of one . . . ugh!  So, without further adieu, I present today's story:

Why must nothing ever go smoothly here at Shenanigans Inc?  In fact, things have been so absolutely ridiculous around here that I think I could dedicate an entire week of blog posts to this topic.  And I think I may just do that:

The other day, as I was preparing to go out for my 30 minutes of exercise, Scout saw me put on my sneakers and began to do his happy dance.

Ooooooh!  We are off to the woods . . . I just know it!

Sorry, Scout.  Not this time.  Mama is walking the road today, and you know how foolish you act around the cars.  We'll go to the woods another day. Okay?

Just before I shut the door behind me, I hollered out to the boys that Zoe was downstairs and that I was going for my walk (I have been alternating between running and walking days on the advice of another friend of mine who knows what she is doing).

Oh, and don't let Scout out!

Okay, mom!

I started up my driveway and turned left towards my usual route.  Unfortunately, this route begins with a steep hill and my hamstrings were screaming from my run the day before.  I pulled my neck warmer up around my face, lowered my head and resolved to make it up that hill no matter how much my legs hurt. Just as I was about to approach the top and belt out a hallelujah, I heard panting behind me.  I turned and looked down to see this guy:

Hi mom!  In your hurry to get your thirty minutes over with today, you forgot to wait for me.  No worries, though, I am here now and we are going to have a blast.

Scout!  What are you doing?  Come on, let's go home.

I should explain why Scout is not allowed to come for walks along the road.  I am not being cruel, but this dog is an absolute nut when cars drive by.  They terrify him, and whenever a car drives past us, he catapults himself into the nearest bush and hides.  This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to put him on a leash.  In fact, I think I would find it very amusing then but, no, Scout lunges himself with such force that it drags me along with him.  No so funny!

I marched him back down the hill and put him in the house.

Boys, DO NOT let the dog out.  He just followed me up the hill.  Ya got that?

Okay, mom!

So, I started back up my driveway, and by now my hammies are throwing an all out temper tantrum because they do not want to hike up that hill again.  No pain, no gain!  So, I took a deep breath, lowered my head once again and marched up the hill.  Just as I was about to reach the top for the second time, guess who showed up.

Ol' reliable!

Scout!!!!!  Come on . . .

By the time I got him back home and had threatened the boys with losing their screen time FOREVER if they let the dog out one more time, I was starting to lose my incentive to complete the challenge.  Then, I noticed that my two trips up and down the hill added up to a whomping 10 minutes, and I could count that towards my daily 30 . . . woohoo!

As I started up my driveway for the third time, I decided my legs could not take that hill again and I turned right.  This was not my usual path, but it was going to have to do.  As I started walking, though, I noted how much prettier it is than my other route.

There were a couple of babbling brooks frosted over from the frigid temperatures we experienced last week:

a magnificent view of the Kennebecasis River,

a parade of Canadian Geese, 

and even the local, abandoned, haunted house! (I crossed the road when I came to this point . . . tee hee!)

In spite of the freezing cold weather, the two interruptions, and the change in my plans, I really enjoyed that walk.  It's funny, but this walk sums up my life quite nicely.  I  am determined to go down one path no matter how hard it is because I think it's the best choice and I am comfortable with it.  Then life throws in a few distractions and obstacles and even the occasional road block, and I finally throw my hands up in the air and say: 

FINE!  You win!  I'll check out another path.

And low and behold, it is the perfect fit for me.

I guess I shouldn't complain when things don't go the way I plan . . .  tee hee!


  1. Always a good time eaving the beaten path eh? Maybe that's what Scout was trying to say!

  2. I love your new blog design! (and I'm blushing from all of that cheering....) I'm so glad I could help! :) And I agree about walks and life. Sometimes when the going gets tough it's a message to us that we are supposed to be going a different way.