Thursday, 20 December 2012

Snow Day Gifts

I received my present from Santa a little early this year, and when I saw it, I began to giggle.  It was pitch black outside and I was just leaving the Superstore, when the world around me, instantly, turned into a giant snow globe.  Staring up into the dark, night sky and watching the ginormous, fluffy flakes fall softly down upon the earth, I could not help but laugh.

It is really happening.  Christmas is finally here!

I know this is not a popular opinion amongst the over 25 club, but I love the snow!  It blankets over the drab, brown desolation that fall leaves behind, and turns the world into a wintry, whimsical playground, one that begs you to venture out from your warm home, to pack the cold, wet stuff between your mittens and to  throw it at the nearest, unsuspecting bystander.  Snow is magical!

The other reason why I love the snow so much is that it keeps my two monkeys entertained for hours.  From the wee hours of the morning until just before bedtime, my boys are out there making forts, throwing snowballs, sledding down our hill, and building ramps.  I love when they come back in with their red, rosy cheeks, smelling like the outside because they are exhausted!  In fact, they are too tired to even fight.  They just curl up with their blankets on the couch and peacefully watch a television show before bed.  It has been wonderful, and it is the best Christmas present this busy mama could ask for!

While the boys have been playing in the snow, I have been able to get all of my wrapping down and make a few last minute gifts.  I have decided to share one of my gift ideas with you today because A) the receivers of these gifts do not read my blog (If they do, shield their eyes NOW, Emmy and Peter . . . tee hee!) and B) they are my most favourite gifts to give and to make.  They are fleece, tie blankets, and I have been giving them as Christmas gifts for years.

They are the cosiest blankets ever, and they are super easy to make.

First, buy two, coordinating colours of fleece.  I like to make the blankets big enough so that they will fit nicely on a bed, and in order to do this, you need to buy 2 meters of each colour.  Also, wait for sales on fleece at Fabricville because it can be pricey, but, guess what?  There is a great sale on it this week! 

Second, lay the fleece on top of one another with the wrong sides together (the sides that do not look as nice).  

Third, trim all of the edges so that they line up with one another and so that the selvages are cut off (the white edges of the material that usually have the name of the manufacturer on it).

Fourth, cut a 4x4 inch square from each corner.  Then you make a 4 inch cut approx 1.5 inches away from the square. This cut makes your first tie.  Tie it and double knot it.  Do this on both sides of all your squares.

Fifth, go around the entire blanket making 4 inch cuts approximately 1.5 inches apart from one another.  Another great thing about these blankets is that they hide your inconsistencies very nicely; therefore, you do not have to measure anything out.  You can just eyeball it to see if it looks right.

Sixth, double knot all of the ties you cut.  I like to ensure that the opposite coloured tie ends up on top because this makes a nice contrast.  Also, the tying is so easy that you can get your kids to do it.  Both Avery and Zoe helped me yesterday, which made the projects go by even faster.

Seventh, stand back and ooh and ahh over your creation.

oooh . . . ahhhh!

They are really that easy and make the perfect, last-minute DIY Christmas gift.

Well, my boys are back in and they are looking for some breakfast.  I hope you have a great day, and try to get out there to enjoy the snow while it lasts.

Happy Five-More-Sleeps-Before-Christmas!

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