Monday, 10 December 2012

The Final Touches

On Sunday evening we celebrated Mama Skov's birthday.  For me, her birthday is the official kick off to the Christmas season.  I always host her party, and I try to have the house fully decorated for it.  I must say, Mr. Level-Headed and the kids sure delivered in that regard this year.  On Saturday, while I cooked and cleaned, they climbed, they decorated, they crafted and they grooved to Christmas tunes.  I love nothing more than those days when my family works alongside one another to get ready for a holiday.  There is something magical in the air when we are all singing, dancing, laughing and working together.  I will cherish these memories forever.

Here are the snowflakes Baby Girl made for my three windows in the main room.  I love these so much and they are so easy!

Here's Avery taking a moment to contemplate Christmas and to show off his brawny physique:

Mr. Level-Headed bought a HUGE tree this year!  We were so excited when he brought her in the house.  The kids loved her even more after we realized they would need a ladder to decorate her.

Rock'n around the Christmas tree:

And there he is:  my Mr. Level-Headed, braving the wind and the rain to make his wife happy.  You should all give him a big round of applause because it becomes particularly difficult to be the husband of yours truly during the Christmas season.

Here's Scout busy getting his nap on. Being the puppy of yours truly is also very hard work!

Finally, when the sun sank and our bodies grew tired from a hard day's work, we all stood back and enjoyed the beauty of what we had created.  It truly isn't Christmas until the tree is lit and decorated!

And as a nod to my sister Hilary, who is ten times the Christmas fanatic that I am (yes, it is possible) and who has always named her Christmas trees, I would like to present Geraldine, our 2012 Christmas tree.

Isn't she wonderful!

When she whispered her name to me late Saturday evening, I froze.  I have a dear friend named Geraldine, and I was fearful that she may be offended by this coincidence.  But that fear quickly passed after I marvelled at her splendour some more because, like my friend, Geraldine, our Christmas tree is bright, beautiful, strong, and positively perfect in every way. 

Now, I must be off!  I am on a top secret mission for good ol' Santy Claus because there are three little kiddos he feels have been especially good this year and does not want to disappoint on Christmas morning.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Geraldine is beautiful! Good luck with your Santa Claus mission!