Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Twenty Week Check-In

As of yesterday, I had officially reached the twenty week mark of my pregnancy . . . woohoo!  I am half way through, and only have nineteen weeks left to wait before I am holding Thing 4 in my arms, sniffing that newborn smell, and smothering those chubby newborn cheeks with kisses. I can't wait!

Thanks to the generosity of many friends and family, my baby stash is growing everyday. Thing 4 has a ton of baby books, wooden puzzles, some artwork, a stroller, and some clothes. The highchair and swing are on their way, AND . . . .  I just placed an order for Thing 4's AppleCheeks, the cloth diapers that will be swaddling his or her adorable baby cheeks in just nineteen weeks (eeeeek! I am so excited). With all this baby paraphernalia surrounding me and the constant karate chops I receive from Thing 4 throughout the day, I am really starting to believe that this is happening. I AM HAVING ANOTHER BABY!!!!!!  Excuse me for a minute, while I place my head between my legs and take some deep breaths . . . . I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.

There, I am all better now. Where was I? Right, so Shenanigans Inc. is full baby preparation mode and we couldn't be happier.

As for my cravings, they are also in full swing, which is not a good thing because of all the foods I could crave, my body has chosen one of the worst foods on the planet - poutine! Ideally, I would be able to restrict this craving to a monthly indulgence, but I am weak, and it never fails that as the weekend approaches, I begin to dream, to fantasize and to salivate for some hot, greasy, oh so very tasty french fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds. Truly, it is the nectar of the gods. I am convinced there is poutine in heaven (along with cigarettes, Coca Cola, and muu muus) I am such a class act! 

Disclaimer: I hereby swear that I am not consuming cigarettes or wearing muu muus at this point and time. Unfortunately, the Coco Cola and the poutine are free game! 

Anyhoo, since my last post about my poutine craving, I have, embarrassingly, consumed my weight in this fatty delicacy. I have ventured down to our nearby pub to partake of their yummy version once or twice. I have been to Peddler's Creek to try their poutine, which was very good, but unfortunately, this was a take out order and according to Zoe, we waited too long to consume it in order to give it a fair review. By the time we ate it, the gravy had absorbed into the french fries and the fries were cool. I had no problem with it and enjoyed every bite of it, but Zoe was disappointed. Then, last week while we had our British soccer coaches staying with us, we discovered that none of the boys had ever heard of poutine, and that was all the incentive I needed. As luck would have it too, Mr. Level-Headed took the boys to the fabulous Kingston Market, which just happens to be beside the soccer field, for lunch last Saturday. I was home straightening up a few things and catching my breath from the crazy busy week we had just had, when I got a phone call from my dearly beloved hubby.

Krista! The market has a poutine shack. I am getting some for the boys. Do you want some?

YES! I will be there in a minute.

It took me all of three seconds to throw my sneakers on and to hop into my car. Let me tell ya, the poutine was heavenly! The boys loved it, and I savored every bite of mine.

Mmmmm . . . How many more sleeps are there until Saturday?

 So, at the moment, the poutine standings look like this:

1. Kredl's/Poutine Shack at Kingston Market - they are a definite tie.

2. Peddler's Creek - the gravy is so yummy!
3. Reed's Point Pub - you can't beat the price or the accessibility (3 min from my home)
4. Deluxe - really, this should only be eaten if you are in dire need and there is no other poutine available.

We are heading to PEI next weekend for Zoe's soccer tournament, and I will keep you posted on my findings in that province. I am thinking that gravy and cheese curds on top of homegrown PEI potatoes will probably be pretty hard to compete with. Oh, I can't wait!

As of my last doctor's appointment at 18 weeks, I had only gained 1 1/2 lbs so far, but I have a feeling that this number is about to dramatically increase. 

20 week bump

What do you think? I would say at least 5 lbs . . . tee hee! 

I seriously need help.

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  1. I thought of you when we stopped at Kredl's for dinner tonight. Next time we will have to try their poutine (the onion rings - my favourite junk food - were definitely less than steller..) Happy halfway point! :)