Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Home Stretch

35 Week Bump

I am currently hiding in my room with the door locked and a can of Coke by my side. I am done. I have nothing left in me, and I am waving the proverbial white flag to announce my surrender. 

Do you hear me, God! I am done! This girl can't take anymore! Whatever lesson you want to teach me, or whatever trait you want me to develop needs to be put on hold. I am done.

With only three weeks and five days left until Thing 4 arrives, I am tired. All I want to do is to lie on the couch with my feet up, a can of Coke in hand, and a tray of bonbons by my side, while I watch endless hours of mindless daytime television. Oh, and we cannot forget the muumuu. Yes, I definitely want to be wearing a muumuu.

Unfortunately, though, this is not what the world has in store for me. Instead, this week, my husband as been working both day and night everyday. Elliot is in shutdown/Mr. Negativity mode, Avery was sick with some weird stomach/cold combination, and Zoe has made no improvement at all. In fact, I received a phone call on Monday from the IWK informing me that she needs to be admitted next Monday and that we will be staying two days in the hospital, possibly three, possibly four. Who knows! And Thing 4, who is defying all the baby books and is still managing to kick up quite the ruckus in spite of the limited space my uterus has to offer, is really hurting me. Not to mention, this 37 year old body of mine, which has just begun it's 36th week of pregnancy, is tired, oh so very tired and can barely climb the basement stairs let alone do any housecleaning . . . ugh!

Yeah, so that's my life right now. Jealous, right? You are probably wondering why I have just dumped this rant on you. Well, on Sunday, thanks to my lovely teenage daughter, everyone was laughing at me for always posting the sunny side of our days and for always trying to find the silver lining. Sure, I am guilty of this, but I write my blog to help me drown out the negative. No one can say I do not acknowledge that my life is not perfect or that my life is hard, but I find it pointless to dwell on these aspects. No ones life is perfect. Everyone is dealing with some form of hardship, and I want my blog to be a refuge from the harsh reality of the world. I want it to be uplifting for both me and my readers. I want it to be a source of comfort, a source of inspiration, and a source of laughter. I want people to keep coming back to A Ferry Crossing Away because they leave feeling a little more stronger, a little more optimistic and far less alone.

So, with that being said and the miserable, ugly week that I have been dealing with laid out before you, let's turn this around and find the silver lining.

Well, right now, within the sanctity of my room, I can hear my boys playing cheerfully with one another in the basement. They are not fighting, they are safe and they are happy. Each kick from Thing 4, although they hurt like heck, reassures me that we have a strong, healthy baby on our hands, who I will be holding in only three weeks and five days! As much of an inconvenience as it will be to be away for a few days next week in Halifax, I know that Baby Girl will be receiving the best possible care and that we will be one step closer to calming this flare-up down. Oh, and not to mention, I will not have to cook, clean or teach during those days. Perhaps I should pack my muumuu and my bonbons . . . tee hee! Seriously, though, it also humbles me beyond words to see how our families and friends are willing to step up and help us out next week. We could not do it without them! And finally, with 350 ml of refined sugar and caffeine making its way through my body as we speak, I can honestly say I am ready to unlock my door now. I am ready to face the disaster that has currently taken over my kitchen and to finish up our homeschooling day.

Bring it on; I can do this!

See, doesn't that just feel better. 

Happy Thursday!

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