Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The In Utero News - Issue 2

Thing 4 here, again. My mama is really tired lately. I think it may have something to do with me, but I am not entirely sure. I am getting stronger and more active everyday so you think that she would be too, but I am just a fetus, and really, I don't know how your world works yet. Anyhoo . . . (yes, I stole that one from my mama. It's one of her favourite words. That and another one that starts with F, but I have been given strict instructions, as have my siblings, to never say that word. I am guessing that my family operates on the old adage do as I say and not as I do . . . ha, ha!)

So, today marks my 33rd week birthday. Woohoo!  Mom had been expecting me to make my grand entrance into the world in six weeks from  now, but after talking with dad last night and discovering that our doctor's OR day may be on a Monday and since the Monday six weeks from now is Remembrance Day, mama is thinking that we will probably have to wait the full seven weeks. I have to admit that if this is the case we are both a little bummed out because we are getting uber excited to see one another. Sure she yells sometimes and sure I kick a little too hard sometimes, but we have already come to terms with the fact that neither one of us is perfect and we will love each no matter what. I really hope she sticks with this bargain because if she knew what I have in store for her over my lifetime . . . yikes! Let's just say it is not always going to be pretty . . . ha, ha!

There I am at 33 weeks!

You all know that my big sister Zoe had a pretty lousy week last week. She was really sick with her colitis and a cold. She has not been to school in two weeks and has not left the house for anything except doctor's appointments . . . blech! So, on Saturday, dad woke up and told her that as soon as he was done showing some houses, he was going to take her out and do whatever she wanted. I guess they call these daddy/daughter dates, and I really hope I get to have them too, but since I am not allowed to tell anyone if I am a daughter or a son yet, I guess we will all have to wait and see. I am sure if I am boy that I will also get to do some really cool stuff with my dad, but to tell you the truth, from the way it sounds to me on the inside, I think the girls of this family get special treatment . . . just saying. Anyhoo . . . Zoe spent Saturday morning trying to figure out what to do. Eventually, she came up with something and texted her idea immediately to dad, but she would not let mom in on their plans. This would normally drive my mama crazy, but she was pretty busy editing her latest blog book and so she did not think much about it. Zoe then spent the afternoon getting all done up. I have to say of all the people in this household, Zoe is definitely the most fashionable! Finally, dad came home and they went out. When they came home, mom was still working on the book and didn't even get up to greet them, but much to her surprise, Zoe came bounding in her room with a bag of goodies. First, she gave mom a can of Coke and some Peanut Butter Cups for being such a great mama . . . awwwwww, and then much to my shock, she gave me a present. Me . . . little old me! My big sister chose to spend her day of pampering shopping for me! How lucky am I? Truly, I think I have the bestest big sister in the world. Mom and I were giddy over all my presents. First, she pulled out some baby socks. Then, she pulled out the softest baby blanket imaginable! Mom squealed when she saw the blanket, and assured me that even if I was a girl I would most definitely be wrapped up in this blue, green and brown blanket. According to mama, Zoe had two blue blankets when she was a baby and since she has turned out to be them most amazing girl the world has ever seen, it only makes since that I too, if I am a girl, have a blue blanket. I love how my mama thinks! By this time, mom thought my spoiling was done, but Zoe had one more surprise up her sleeve: an adorable baby nightie (and yes, even if I am a boy I will be wearing this. Come on! This should not shock you by now.) with matching socks, hat and bib. Mom nearly died and declared that this will be the outfit I wear home from the hospital. Check out my loot!

Awwww . . . Every night, when mom lays down to read her book before bed, she takes my soft blanket and covers her belly with it so I can appreciate my new gift. Gosh, I love my mom and I, especially, love my big sister! I am really starting to think I am the luckiest fetus in the world!

Happy 33rd Birthday to me!

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