Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Disney 2012

Really, what can I say?

Our vacation was amazing!

Truly, amazing!

It was hot and sunny every day.  I didn't have to make meals, or have to drive anyone to appointments or practices.  There were no lessons, no homework, no chores, and no bedtimes!


In fact at take off, after we went through the heavy clouds blocking the sun from shining down upon Bangor, Avery looked at me and asked: 

Mom, are we in heaven?

I had to laugh and assure him we were not, but it did feel like that all week.

Be warned:  You are in for one slew of pictures . . . sorry!

When I asked the kids what their favourite part of vacation was, the boys screamed: SWIMMING!  And man, did they do a lot of that!

This was the huge water slide at the Disney Boardwalk resort, where we stayed for the first three days of our vacation.  

The Disney Boardwalk
We had never stayed on site before, and I have to tell you, we really enjoyed it!  It was so easy to get to and from the parks.  Actually, most of these pictures were taken one afternoon, when we spent the morning at Epcot, hopped over to the resort after lunch so the kids could cool off in the pool, and went back over to Epcot that evening for a few more rides and the firework show. It was a perfect day!

This picture was taken on our last evening in Florida.  It was late at night and the air was cooling down, but the kids had to have one last swim in the pool.  

Thanks heavens we did all that swimming because we also never stopped eating!

If you ever go to Disney World, you need to get on the Disney Dining Plan.  We were shocked at the variety of food you could choose from as well as how much food you got.  Snacks are even included.  It really is a great deal!

Lunch in Mexico (Epcot)

And of course, when you are in Disney, you need to do the Character Dining.  I prefer to dine with the characters rather than waiting in long lines to have your picture taken with them because here, you get to eat and they come to your table.  It is awesome!

Oh, but watch your girls around Mickey Mouse; he kissed Zoe TWICE!  That sly mouse . . . tee hee!

Lunch at the Sci-Fi Drive-in Diner! 

The Drive-In Diner is so much fun because not only do you eat in cars, but you watch clips from old Sci-Fi movies on a big screen.  Derrick and I laughed because every movie started out with "They were a group of women with everlasting beauty who had not seen a man in centuries" . . . or something like that . . . tee hee!  

Another awesome thing about Florida is the shopping!!  Zoe and I hit the Outlet Mall a few times and got some amazing deals.  And the boys LOVED the Lego store!

 It was so cool!  The boys, who had been saving their allowance since January, went on one wild shopping spree. They had so much fun!

Each night after we returned to our room from an adventure-packed day at the parks, they would get out their Lego and get to work.  

Can't you tell how much he loves to get his picture taken?
One afternoon, while Zoe and I were trying on clothes, the boys did a little shopping on their own and decided to buy matching shirts . . . tee hee!  They are so cute, and it made spotting them in the crowd so much easier!

Zoe went on the hunt for a super, cuddly stuffy, and, thankfully, she found one.  I think she was missing Scouty.

The boys and I were all about buying and eating candy:

Fill-your-own pixie sticks,

and a M&M station, where you can fill bags with your favourite colour . . . mmmmm purple M & M's

While in Disney, we did a LOT of walking:

some of us got carried:

and some of us got a new set of wheels:


Yeah, he is okay, but you will have to tune in tomorrow for this story.  It's quite the tale!

We enjoyed the rides:

Waiting to go on the Star Wars ride

About to get on the Toy Story ride

Avery right after he, Elliot and Derrick went on the Rock  n'  Roller Coaster.  

When you go to Disney, you HAVE to learn how to use the Fast Passes!  They are super easy to use and will save you from waiting in the long line ups; for instance, Toy Story was a 90 minute wait, but with the Fast Pass we went through the line and the ride in about 15 minutes.  Awesome!

And we wore crazy hats!

Well, that was our trip in a nutshell.  As you can tell from the pictures, we had a blast!  We have done many vacations with our kids, but a Disney vacation is always the best.  It truly is magical!

Tune in tomorrow for vacationing tips when travelling to the one of the most sensory-overwhelming places in the world with your child with NLD.  It is always interesting!

Have a great day!

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  1. It looks like so much fun! I haven't been to Disney since I was 8 years old. Hope to get there again someday! :)