Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Doin' the South End Shuffle

One thing I am good at is jumping on board when someone asks me for a hand, but I am not so good at figuring out the logistics of these situations.  Which is what happened yesterday afternoon, when my brother John, my boys and I helped my younger sister, Emily, move to her new apartment. 

I can't believe this was a single-family home at one point in time.
It must have been gorgeous!  

The problem was that we had five people with us, one minivan, which needed ALL of the back seats folded down to store Emily's stuff, and probably about half a brain between us.  After a few not-so-bright ideas, we decided that Emily and John would simply take the van and load it with all of her belongings, while the boys and I would wait at her new apartment to help unload.  Although it was a blustery, wet afternoon in the South End of the city, Avery and I had a blast!  He grabbed his skateboard and helmet, and I grabbed my camera.  We refused to let a whole lot of rain and wind get in our way of enjoying the sidewalks (Aaaahhhh . . . sidewalks!  My fondness for pavement has exponentially increased since we moved out to the sticks.)

Elliot, on the other other hand, was not impressed:

Perhaps if he had grabbed his rain coat like his mama told him to, the day would have been a tad bit more enjoyable.  But, I am not one of those moms who would ever say:  I told you so . . .tee hee!

I should give him credit, though, because he did try:

But, nope, it wasn't happening:

Oh well, at least the rain didn't stop these two from smiling:

And we managed to keep all of Emily's priceless heirlooms intact and dry:

. . . tee hee!

I can't believe she is still lugging these two critters around with her.  

 All in all, I think we did pretty well for a group of half-wits with a penchant for hair-brained schemes.


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