Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Can it Really Be Over?

Just before I dash out the door for yet another day full of appointments . . .  blech! I thought I should update everyone on my "condition". Well, I don't know what happened yesterday, but it seems to be over. My anxiety is gone, and I spent the entire day yesterday marvelling at how calm I felt. Even when I had to get supper ready for five kids and get them all out the door, including two bikes neatly stored in the back of my van, in a whomping forty-five minutes. This is is some sort of miracle. I didn't lose my cool once, and we even made it out the door on time WITHOUT forgetting anything or anyone. Hallelujah!

So, what changed? I have no idea. Was it the fact that I wrote about my anxiety yesterday and received so many kind and supportive comments from all of my readers? Was it the fact that the boys had two friends over for most of the day and I did not see them because they were too busy playing crab apple fights deep within our very own jungle of knotweed? (Ya gotta love country kids!) Was it because Baby Girl was so consumed with packing for her upcoming trip to Quebec that I had the entire day all to myself just puttering around the house performing my favourite chore, the laundry? (I kid you not! I love laundry day!) Was it the fact that a dear friend of mine called me yesterday to assure me that I had nothing to fear because my nesting frenzy has not reached the critical level of ridiculousness as hers did when she was nine months pregnant and decided to move heavy bedroom furniture from one bedroom to another just because it needed to get done . . . tee hee! (I have the best friends!) Or was it simply that my poor brain and body could no longer handle the stress of it all? (Not to mention my poor family . . . eeeek!). 

Well, whatever the reason, it is over, and to prove just how over it really is, check out these pictures. Yep, those are my adorable monkeys being well, monkeys, at Zoe's soccer game last night. What would have sent me into a fit of rage just two days ago, caused me to erupt in giggles and grab my camera to document just how foolish these two can be.

Who sees a hill and thinks: 

Awesome! I must grab my brother so we can roll down together.

And then after getting a mouth full of grass and a couple of kicks and punches from the brother as you propel him down the hill thinks:

Let's do it again!!

and again . . .

and again . . . 

I love my boys!  BUT please pray that Thing 4 is a Harriet because I really don't know how much more testosterone my little blue house can handle . . . tee hee!

And now we're off . . . have a great day!

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  1. Ahh....or perhaps it was all of the praying that your friends did on your behalf?? :) Glad that all is well again!