Friday, 16 August 2013

Weekend Plans

It's Friday and the weekend is finally upon us. For most of the summer, our weekdays just blended in with our weekends. There really was no distinction, but, since the boys and I are starting school in just 10 days . . . eeek!, life here at Shenanigans Inc. has been slowing returning to our usual ebb and flow, and I like it. 

Being the weekend, do you have any big plans? I do . . .

As it turns out, and through nothing short of divine intervention, Mr. Level-Headed and I have an entire evening home alone with no kids. Well, Thing 4, of course, will be here, but no big kids. Hallelujah! At first, we considered going out to dinner and seeing a movie, my favourite date night package, but then it dawned on us that we don't have to go anywhere. We have no one to escape! So, we have decided to bring food in and rent a movie. I am giddy about this!

My other plans this weekend include going to a baby yard sale and then onto Toys R' Us with my fellow preggo mama, my baby sister, to register for our baby showers. See Marjorie, I do listen! This is going to be so much fun! Baby shopping is the best.

And finally, I will be doing lots of colouring, cutting and laminating. Yep, like I said, school starts in just ten days and I have lots to get ready. Oh, and don't think for a second that this is the least exciting thing I have to do this weekend, because, quite frankly, I live for this kind of stuff . . . tee hee!

See you on Monday!

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