Friday, 9 August 2013

Webster Family Reunion

I am such a sucker for family. Growing up in a family that valued being together, creating family traditions, and making memories together, it is no surprise that I fell in love with Mr. Level-Headed's family as quickly as I did. They value all of these things as well, but unlike my family, his cousins are all close in age and grew up within close proximity to one another, which lead to very close relationships, hilarious stories, and a ton of mischief. 

One of the funniest things about Mr. Level-Headed's family is that I already knew a bunch of them. As a young girl, I went to school with his cousin, Lindy, and spent many years attending her birthday sleepovers and playing at her house. And guess who also attended all of her birthday parties: Mr. Level-Headed! How cute is that! Sadly, he does not remember looking at any of Lindy's friends and falling madly in love with them, but he does remember there being a particularly loud friend of hers, who drove him a wee bit crazy, and guess what: that was probably me! Like my boys, I was never quite able to master the use of an inside voice . . . tee hee!

Anyhoo . . .

So, from the very first annual Webster Christmas Eve party I attended, when I was a mere fifteen years old, I felt like I belonged in this family. They are loud, fun-loving, quick to tease, highly competitive, and very family-oriented, just like me and my family (okay, not so much the competitive part, though. Come on Skovs!) Even at that young age, I loved getting together with all of them,  and I  knew that this was the type of family I wanted my own kids to belong to. Thanks again, Websters, for welcoming me into your clan, and for being so darn awesome!

Me and two of Mr. Level-Headed's handsome cousins:

The kids played in this inner tube ALL DAY LONG. Thanks, Jonathan, for being such a great sport!

My monkey boy teaching his younger cousins all of his cool tricks:

Lining up for the infamous three-legged race. Uncle Ian, the boys are still fuming. Beware!

The grand kids playing the Skittle game (Avery and Elliot won!)

The Original Five playing the Skittle game and Avery watching very closely (Grampy Webster won!)

Some of the spouses of the Original Five chill-axing on the porch swing:

Team Gerry:

The cousins:

The Original Five:

Best game ever: toss a marshmallow in your partner's mouth! Zoe and I had terrible luck with this one. The team who won did more of a drop than toss, but we'll let it go . . . . this year!

Don't let this picture fool you! He is not that cute or cuddly. In fact,  Uncle Ian is my boys' number one arch-nemesis . . . tee hee!

And just in case you have had your head stuck in the sand over the past three days and somehow missed this next photo, here we all are . . . again!

Awwww . . .  I really love you guys! 

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