Monday, 27 January 2014

A House Full of Laughter

Yesterday, Leifer giggled and my heart burst open! There is nothing I love to hear more than the blissful, belly laughs of a wee baby because you know that the only thing that lies behind them is sheer joy and contentment. 

Leif, we had been downstairs in the basement switching a load of laundry, and I had just carried you upstairs lying on top of the laundry basket. You were thrilled! You smiled at me the entire time. As I set you and the laundry basket on my bed, I could not break away from your loving gaze. Your smile makes me smile. I continued to talk nonsense to you as I always do and your smile grew larger and larger. I couldn't take it any longer. Your cuteness factor had just blown the charts and I was overcome with a deep desire to squeeze the stuffing out of you. I bent down and nuzzled your chin with my nose:

I could just eat you up . . .

And then you did it. Your smile cracked open the vault and out came the sweetest giggle I have ever heard. Your 11 pound body jiggled with excitement as I looked down at you in shock.

Your first laugh and you shared it me with!

It was the best early birthday present a mom could ever ask for. Thank you, Leif, for bringing so much joy into my life.

Speaking of joy and birthdays, on this day ten years ago, my other baby boy, Avery, was born. 

Avery, you are a handful. You have limitless amounts of energy. I marvel at how you can come home from playing an entire morning of soccer and still spend the rest of the day jumping and bouncing your way around the house. You have earned the title of House Comedian and as much as I try not to laugh at your antics, there are times when I can not hold it in. Like the other day, when Zoe's friends were over for supper and you, never missing an opportunity to entertain, put on a one-man comedy show. You danced, you drank pop through your nose, and you tormented (and probably terrified) the newbie who your sister may or may not have a wee bit of a crush on. As much as I wanted to be the adult in the room and reprimand you for all the times you crossed the line, I couldn't. You were just too darn funny! And then, when all the big kids were going out the door with dad following behind to drive them to the movies, you hollered:

Hey, Boy, good luck! You're gonna need it . . .

I thought I was going to pee my pants!

Avery, I love you with all my heart. Thank you for bringing so much laughter into  my life.

Avery and his young protege. Heaven help me!

I am one lucky lady to have all these handsome, smiling boys in  my life.

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