Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Life as a Thing 4

Being the fourth baby has some definite advantages. According to dad, mom is way more relaxed with me than she was with the other three. I find this hard to believe because if you know my mom, she is anything but relaxed. I think the word is a high-strung. Am I right? Not to mention by the time I am in my teens both of my parents will be in their fifties. Yep, factor in their age and the fact that they will have just survived (hopefully!) both of my brothers' teenagehood, they should be good and worn-out. Again, am I right? 

Anyhoo . . .

As awesome as these  points are, the best part about being number four is there is never a shortage of arms to hold you or people to sleep on:

But, since we like to keep it real here at Shenanigans Inc, I must confess there are some definite disadvantages to being number four as well, and I think the next photos sum this up quite nicely:

Yep, those would be my jeans on my head and my socks on my hands . . .  ugh

Don't worry I am plotting my revenge as we speak, and my mom, who albeit had nothing to do with this ensemble but did insist upon taking a photo of it, will pay as well . . . muhahahahahahaha! If only I could figure out how to operate these legs and arms . . . .

Signing off,

Thing 4, Leif Webster

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