Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Baby of Anarchy

Dear Grampy Skov-Nielsen,

I love the Harley Davidson outfit you bought for me this Christmas! I have to admit, I look pretty cool in it.

But how am I ever going to be taken seriously when people make me wear cutesy tootsy hats like this one? Sure it has the Harley logo on it, but with these chubby cheeks and simpleton, newborn expressions, I need all the help I can get to command a little respect. 

I am Leif Webster! I am named after a viking for goodness sakes! I am one tough, little dude.

And I have totally mastered giving people the stink eye . . . grrrrrr!

So, although I really appreciated this gift, next year for Christmas I want the real thing. I want a hog of my own. Babies of Anarchy: it could totally work!  Thanks, gramps. I knew you would understand.


Leif (aka Thing 4)

Ugh! With a mother like mine, a Harley is my only hope. 

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