Wednesday, 9 September 2015

and so it begins . . .

please excuse my lack of capital letters today; i am holding a once-fussy-but-now-sleeping baby on my lap and i do not want to risk waking her up by setting her down.

so, yeah, i slept-in on the first day of school. that made for a fun morning. when elliot returned from school all he did was complain about his teachers, the rules, his classmates, his work and life in general. when i glanced at a two-sided sheet his teacher gave to the class to fill out so she could get to know them better, i was discouraged to see that elliot only filled in four questions:

i do not like homework
i spend a lot of time working
someday i will be tired
my feelings about school it's long

elliot hit his stride this summer: he was happy, he was social and he was confident. i really thought he had turned a corner . . . but nope. this is going to be a fun year.

then yesterday afternoon, i found out that elliot's soccer practice was no longer after school and was now at 6, which meant the two-under-two crew, avery and i were out late last night waiting for practice to finish. thanks to all the hullabaloo that hit once the boys returned home from school, i suddenly looked at the clock and realized it was already 5pm, supper was not started and we all had to be out of the house by 5:30 to make the above-mentioned soccer practice. that was also fun.

this morning we ran out of milk. i had to do the dishes that i was too tired to finish last night so that the kids could take water bottles to school today, and i had to fill out three forms that i found in elliot's book bag, which according to him was empty and never contained any forms for his mom to fill out the night before when all school matters were to be addressed and completed to allow for a smoothly-run morning. that was fun too.

just now i received two separate texts from zoe and her friend, karlee

there is soccer practice after school today. please bring my stuff.


there's boy's soccer today. bring elliot's stuff. and text him.

i have tried texting elliot three times to clarify this because he was told practice is on friday, but he was told he is not allowed to use his phone in school by his teachers yesterday. i wish they had said in class because now he will not answer me until he is on the bus. 

just found out elliot, in fact, does not have soccer today. his sister was mistaken.

this is a lot of fun too.

and to think i spent all summer long wondering how i would ever manage being all by my lonesome with the two-under-two crew once the kids returned to school. seriously?!

make room for harriet and i, leif, on that car of yours because i think the three of us need to run away . . . far, far away, and fast.

oh, but first, put some pants on.

 . . . tee hee.

pray for me . . . please.

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