Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Just a Typical Day

Yesterday afternoon, I packed Avery, Leif and Harriet into the van and we picked Elliot up to take him to his physiotherapist appointment in town. Thankfully, Elliot was Rob's only client that day, and so Leif and Avery were able to play with all the balls and other cool toys Rob has on hand in his examination room. I love people who understand that kids need to move and explore, and Rob made the boys feel comfortable enough to do just that. It sure made the hour and half we spent there much easier on me, and Leif was in heaven! And Rob was amazed at how strong Leif's motor skills are.

He's a freak of nature! He shouldn't even be able to do that. Wow!

I also love when people recognize and celebrate my kids' talents.

After the appointment, I had to run into Sobey's to pick up a few things. Since it was 5:30 the boys were getting pretty hangry (best word ever!) and Harriet, who had slept in her sling the entire time we were at Rob's (phew!) was now awake and wanted to nurse. The big boys were fighting and Leif and Harriet were crying as I rushed into Sobey's. I found some ice cream bars that were on for half-price and fed them to my boys once I returned to the car. This kept them quiet until we got home. Harriet, unfortunately, would only be consoled with a warm booby, but I did not have time:

Sorry, baby girl. It is time to put your big girl panties on. We will be home soon.

Being number five, she hears that a lot.

Thankfully, the line-up at the ferry was short and we got right onto the next boat. As soon as we pulled into the driveway, I started barking out orders:

Elliot, you are in charge of Leif and picking up your school stuff off the van floor.

I have no idea why he emptied his backpack.

Avery, you need to grab my purse, the garbage and Elliot's gym bag. I will grab Harriet.

As we opened the door, we were warmly greeted by the delicious-smelling supper I had wisely put in the crockpot before we left for town. I changed both the babies's bums and then nursed Harriet. Leif and Avery once again grabbed some balls and were juggling/kicking them around the living room. It amazes me that they never seem to grow tired of playing with a ball. Elliot had fallen asleep as soon as we got home. Once Harriet's belly was full and she was content, I asked the boys to set the table while I made a salad. It may have been 7pm, but we were finally able to sit down and eat a yummy dinner, and amazingly enough, everyone liked it . . . small victory!
As soon as supper was done, the boys cleared off the table, while I nursed Harriet again. She always milk-loads right before bed. Mr. Level-Headed, who came home late, had just finished his supper so I asked him to bath Leif.

By 9pm both babies were asleep and this mama was ready to crawl in bed beside them.

Mom, can you help me with my homework?

 I wanted to cry, but I took my own advice and decided to act like a big girl.

Of course, Elliot.

By 10:30 as I was looking over Elliot's completed assignment, I felt two strong arms come from behind and wrap around my shoulders:

Thanks, mom, for helping me.

And in that one moment, I remembered exactly why I do this crazy job I do day after day.

Anytime, Bud.

I love being a mom!