Friday, 4 May 2012

Creative Writing Workshops with Shenanigans Inc.

I am so excited to be finally announcing this!

Yes, you have heard correctly: The School of Shenanigans is opening it's doors this summer to all kids ages 8-14 for a creative writing workshop.  I am sure your kids will LOVE it!

Classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00-11:30 am at my house here on the Kingston Peninsula beginning July 3 and ending Aug. 23.

The cost will be $160 for the summer, with payments of $80 due on July 3 and Aug. 2.

The curriculum we will be using is Lucy Calkin's Units of Study for Teaching Writing (Grades 3-5). For more information on this curriculum check out this link. Don't worry if your child is of middle school age because this course can be easily adapted to meet their needs.  I have worked with this curriculum in the past, and have seen first hand how helpful it is in enabling children to find their "writer's voice".   If you are interested in learning more about this course, please email me at

Hope to see you this summer!


  1. Madlyn loves to write, and I think that she would be interested in this, but when I asked her about it she said "eeh, (shrug), I could do that at home". Do you have anymore information that would get a 10 yr old excited about the workshops? (to me) This sounds really fun, and I would like to see Madlyn tap into her inner writer. If I can figure out how to work around the commute issues, I think we would be interested.

    1. It's going to be a hard sell for most kids, but I assure you we will have fun. I will be teaching more of a narrative style and help the kids turn their real life into stories (kind of like what I do). The kids will start their own blog, and we will have a huge "publishing" party on the last day to showcase one of their polished pieces. It will be a lot of fun!!

    2. And of course you and Victor would be welcome to hang out and play. :)