Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Zzzzzzz . . . .

Ahhh . . . sleep.  Glorious sleep!

It's hard to believe, but there is a person in there somewhere.
I am so pleased to announce that Shenanigans Inc is sleeping once again.  That's right; a full eight hours for mama and ten for the wee ones.

What a difference a full night of sleep can make on a weary soul!

I am no longer wandering around like a zombie, unable to complete my sentences or finish a thought.  And Elliot?  He is like a dream come true.  His anxiety has reduced, he is working hard, and he is smiling.  And there is nothing I love more than his sweet smile.

So, how did we get back to here?

Well, I found the hints Elliot's doctor gave us for overcoming sleep problems, and we got to work.  We removed the Lego table from his bedroom because toys stimulate children and make it difficult for some of them to sleep.  The Lego table was put in his room just a couple of days before our trip, and was making it difficult for him to relax.  Who could relax when you know an epic battle of gargantuan proportions could erupt at any time (or anywhere . . . even at Nanny's dinner table)?

Since Elliot is terrified of the dark, he needs to sleep with the bathroom light on, but as I learned all those nights I spent sleeping with him in his bed, that light is bright and very difficult to fall into a deep sleep with.  So, we bought him a red light because it does not inhibit the production of melatonin like white lights.

And last but not least, I started waking him up everyday at 7:30am EVEN if he does get much sleep the night before.  I always thought a regular bedtime routine with a set time to go to bed was the key to a good night sleep, but even more important than that, is a regular wake up time.  Who knew?!  I was actually creating a bigger problem by letting him sleep in the morning after he was up all night.  Well, it only took two nights and Elliot was sound asleep and back into his routine.

Halleluhah! It has made such a tremendous difference in our home!

We are working hard:

Playing hard:

Elliot was in the net for one of his soccer games and got kicked in the upper arm with a cleat as he was going down to grab the ball.  Eeek!  The four Websters had planned to "trick" me by telling me his arm was broken just so they could see me swoon and vomit all over myself (I have a small phobia of broken bones).  Nice, eh?  Luckily, Avery spilled the beans . . . I love that kid!

(and cheering hard for Zoe, whose team by the way won five out of their six volley ball games yesterday . . . woohoo!)

Krista's Estethician services have started up again:

That Zoe is soooo spoiled!

Our fridge is stocked, the meal plan is made, and we bid farewell to take-out and frozen chicken strips (our supper time staples when mama is a zombie)

And, best of all, our home is filled with smiles and laughter once again.

Hooray, for sleep!

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