Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A Not-So Cheap Night

This week as I was making up our schedule, I noticed that the kids and I had THREE . . . can you believe it? . . . THREE weekday evenings off!

This is nothing short of a miracle, folks.

I was elated!

So, yesterday, after I dropped the kids off at their piano lessons, and after witnessing the foul mood my baby girl was in (yes it is rare, but she does have bad days like the rest of us), I decided to treat us all and buy tickets to the movies.

As I scrolled through the list of movies now playing on my Iphone, I saw "The Pirates" was playing, which I knew ALL of my kidlets wanted to see.  It was like this night was just meant to be.  And to top it all off, it was "cheap night"!  I love Tuesdays!

I even managed to coax Mr. Level-Headed away from his studies for the evening so he could join us (his BIG CMA exam is in June). 

Could this night get any better?!

Well, unfortunately, it didn't . . . tee hee!

The movie was not as laugh-out-loud as the kids had hoped.

The movie was in 3D, which meant my "cheap" tickets were not so cheap.
(But I have to admit the 3D effects were really good and I don't usually like 3D)

The first trailer was for a movie called "FrankenWeenie", a movie about a little boy who brings his dog back to life AND looks like a monster afterwards (dead dog + monster = one very anxious boy, who did not fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning and who needed his mom to "not sleep" with him).

 But . . . 

in spite of all these less-than great points, we still had a fabulous time.  We got to wear crazy glasses, drink copious amounts of carbonated beverages, eat ginormous bags of popcorn, and giggle at the word "weenie" . . . boys . . . sheesh!

In all honesty, it wouldn't matter what we did, or how it ended up, just getting to share a mid-week break with my four favourite people in the world was pretty spectacular.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Sounds like fun to get away! You're a good mom to laugh at weenie and drink carbonated beverages with them! I need to be more fun like that.

    1. Thanks, Cami! It was so much fun to take a break from our usual run-everywhere weeknight routine. I really have to do it more often! :)