Thursday, 10 May 2012


I love listening in on my kids' conversations!

I find them so funny and so insightful as to who they each are and what matters most to them.

Like tonight . . .

The boys had their jammies on and were seated at the kitchen table eating their bedtime snack, while Zoe was on the computer preparing for the District Math Competition she is attending in the morning.  Very quickly their conversation turned to the usual teasing.

Elliot squealed:

I bet Zoe is going to meet the man of her dreams at Geekfest tomorrow!

To which, Zoe replied:

Actually, I think Geekfest would probably be the best place for a person to meet their future spouse at.   Think about it, they would be super smart!

For some reason or other, Elliot did not come back with some snippy comment, but rather, he thoughtfully sat there for a moment and announced:

I'm going to meet my wife at church!

And of course, Zoe jumped all over this and started teasing him about potential crushes he may have on the girls in his Sunday School class.

Then all of a sudden, Avery pipes up:

I'm going to meet my wife in California, and she's going to wear coconuts on her "thingies" and a grass skirt!


Good to see he has his priorities straight . . .

Tee hee!

What a kid!!

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