Monday, 22 October 2012

Boys' Night

On Saturday night, Derrick gathered a few close friends and two of his cousins together for a game of Risk.  I was particularly excited about this event because it meant I was going to be able to snuggle with the adorable Leigh.  

I scooped him up out of his car seat, held him closely to my chest, and laid on the couch.  I inhaled his sweet, baby aroma.  I marvelled at his tiny, baby face.  I played with his delicate, baby fingers, and I rubbed his squishy, baby bum.

It was heavenly!

Then I quietly wept.

I wept for this little boy, who only hours after his birth lost the most cherished person in his life, his mama.

I wept for his mama, who just a few months before was sitting on the very couch I was now holding her baby on and talked excitedly about her unborn child.

I wept for my own babies.  The two babies, who I never had a chance to hold, but who I love with all my heart and think about everyday.

I wept for how unfair the world can be, and how powerless I feel in it at times.

And then the sweetest notion came to my mind.

Maybe, just maybe, at that very moment, Angie was holding my babies; but unlike me, who knows so very little of this world in my mortal state, Angie, having passed through the veil, would know all things and would probably be saying:

Krista, stop your fussing and fretting, and enjoy this moment.  Enjoy my baby, give him lots of kisses and tell him I love him.

And so, I did . . .

Thanks, Angie!

I think it is very fitting that Leigh should be wearing a "Boys Rule" shirt on his very first "Boys' Night" . . .

Tee hee!

Thank heavens for the little things in life.  :)

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