Friday, 26 October 2012

Life-Altering Discoveries

Being a boy mom can be difficult.  They are always too loud, too rough, and too busy.  They are impossible to take anywhere except the soccer field, and their favourite outfit is a pair of jogging pants that are five inches too short with ripped knees, a sports t-shirt and rubber boots; hence, why you can't take them anywhere.  They care very little about what anyone else thinks about them, which makes them appear rude in social settings, and they have an affinity for all that is gross, distasteful, or inappropriate.  But, if you can look past the scruffy looks, the dirty face, the unkempt hair, the boisterous energy, and the armpit farts, you will find an endearing creature who, without even trying, will make you laugh and will make you fall in love with him over and over again.

And that is exactly what happened yesterday afternoon, when I walked in on these shenanigans:

tee hee!

On Wednesday, while Zoe and I were in Halifax, Elliot broke his iPod Touch when he accidentally shut it in the car door.  It was broken beyond repair, but as soon as he recovered from his shock and despair, he became excited at the prospect of being able to take it apart and see how it all worked.

I'd say it was finished.

So, when I walked in and saw the boys hunched over the iPod with their ski goggles on to prevent glass from getting into their eyes, and Avery holding the flash light for Elliot as if he was performing a life-saving surgery, I had to giggle. I love how their minds work!

Then Elliot exclaims: "Avery, we are about to make a life-altering discovery here!"  I kid you not.  At this point, I lost it. I was laughing so hard, I had tears running down my face.  Avery, being all Mr. Level-Headed-like replies: "Elliot, I am sure the world knows what the inside of an iPod Touch looks like.  Someone  had to make it you know."  Elliot, who refuses to ever allow logic to dampen his enthusiasm, cries out: "Okay, okay, but this is a huge discovery for children everywhere!  We are the first kids ever to see the inside of an iPod.  I am so excited!"

And then he peeled away the first layer:

I was called over to document the discovery.

And he found . . .  another screen!

Ha, ha!  It was a little underwhelming, but Elliot did not let that stop him.  He spent all afternoon taking apart and examining each section.  It was like Christmas for him.

In spite of all the headaches they cause and all the damage they create in my home, I can always count on these boys for a good laugh.  Thank heavens for little boys!

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