Friday, 19 October 2012

Let's Get a Few Things Straight

According to Mr. Level-Headed, I must apologise for misleading everyone yesterday in my facebook post announcing his completion of the GMAT and his acceptance into the MBa at UNBSJ starting in January, 2013.

I am sorry that my dear hubby feels I have misled our friends and family.

With that apology made, I would like to state for the record that in no way did I mislead anyone yesterday in my facebook post because "HE DID BLOW THE GMAT OUT OF THE WATER!"

According to Mr. Level-Headed, he did not blow the exam out of the water because that would imply he had done better than he actually did, but in my opinion, knowing all that he managed to overcome in the last few weeks, and in all honesty, his lifetime, I believe he did blow it out of the water, and here are my arguments (all laid out in a very logical, level-headed manner):

1.  He had 3 weeks to prepare for the GMAT.  Insanity!

2.  In those three weeks, he was dealing with a broken foot, the unexpected death of a dear family member, and a sick daughter.  With these things weighing heavily upon him, Mr. Level-Headed managed to squeeze in  time to study and still keep up with his crazy busy life, which includes:  coaching Elliot's fall soccer team, serving as a counsellor in the Bishopric at church, working out at the gym, working his regular job, and loving me and kids.  Insanity!  Is there any doubt as to why I call him the Webster robot?

3.  Then you know there is this little thing called "dyslexia" that Mr. Level-Headed was born with!  As a child, he was told by a professional that he may never graduate from high school and that university would never be an option for him.  Well, that "professional" clearly had never met a Webster before because there are two things the Websters are known for and that is being short and being stubborn (I can say that because I love them and have birthed three more of them).  So, not only did Mr. Level-Headed graduate from high school with High Honours, but he went on to get his BBa and is now off to grad school for his MBa.  Insanity!

4.  He completed the exam without any accommodations made for his reading disability because, according to one of the GMAT people, they would need at least a month's notice to provide these, and he only had three weeks.  Oh, and here's the kicker, he scored in the 81st percentile for the verbal section of the exam!  Again, insanity!

So, folks, I am going to let you weigh in on this little disagreement between Mr. Level-Headed and I.  Yes, he only scored in the top third, and technically that may not be considered "blowing the GMAT out of the water", but in consideration of all the facts I have very logically outlined for you, I think I am entitled to say:

 . . . tee hee!

I rest my case.

He is really going to kill me for this one.

I love you, baby!

He even looks like a University student!  :)


  1. My vote is he gives you a huge hug, bigger kiss, then take you to dinner!! I know he loves you with all his heart and personally I'm very glad to be able to call him cousin. I know his struggles, as I've a husband and son with dyslexia. I have no choice, sorry Derrick, to agree "He BLEW it out of the water!!!!" Way to go!! BTW, thank you for all you do!(Both of you)

    1. I vote for Vicki! I do deserve hugs and dinner. :)

  2. I hear the Kennebecasis is dry he blew that exam so far out of the water;) Way to go Mr. Level Headed Robot Webster!

    1. Susan, you always manage to make me giggle. You're the best! :)

  3. Kurt Skov-Nielsen21 October 2012 at 08:43

    I'm with you on this one Kris--- "he blew it out of the water!"