Monday, 29 October 2012

Fleeting Fall Fun

With the threat of "Frankenstorm", Sandy, looming, I announced to my family, last night, that we needed to clean up the backyard.  As we picked up the remnants of summer, broken pails and shovels, deck chairs, and bicycles, I mourned the passing of my favourite season once again. I know what you are thinking, get over it already girl, but I truly despise Fall.  She's a flirt.  She coaxes you into thinking that she is the best season of them all by parading around in her lavish earthy tones and slight, cool breezes, but once you become interested, she turns her back on you and leaves.  Her colours fade, the wind begins to bite, and the sun grows tired.  In my opinion, though, she doesn't leave fast enough.  Rather than let Winter jump in and rescue us all from the bleak wasteland that Fall leaves behind, she lingers.  She grows even colder and darker until, finally, you grow tired of her games and retreat to the welcoming four walls of your home, where you pull out movies, boardgames, books and hot chocolate to pass the time away and commence your annual hibernation.  Fall, we are so done!

Anyhoo . . .

So, last night, we were cleaning up the yard.  Even Scouty got into the spirit of our clean up and retrieved his favourite pal, Pooh Bear.

While Mr. Level-Headed and I, lugged chairs up the hill and stored toys safely in the shed, the kids decided to play.  Surprise!  They raked up all the leaves and jumped in!  They rolled in them, they buried each other in them, they threw them, and they squealed.  For a fleeting moment, I thought:  "Perhaps I have been too harsh on Fall and maybe I should give her another chance."  Look at how much fun she is!

And then, moments after I went inside, the sun sank, and the boys quickly returned home, whining that they were bored. Ugh!  You almost had me, Fall . . .  you almost had me.  Luckily, I know how to combat you:


And the smiles return.

tee hee!

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