Monday, 25 February 2013

It Was in the Air (for one day at least)

Did you feel it?

The oh, so very tiny, and just a pinch really, hint of Spring?

I feel bad if you didn't catch a glimpse of it on Saturday because let me tell you, it was spectacular! It put a spring in my step and made my spirit soar. I spent the day doing laundry and cleaning up the house, with our bedroom windows open, welcoming the cool breeze in to wash away the winter staleness. The bright sunshine and the mild temperature,  drew the boys out to play and inspired me to finally take down our Christmas lights. While I was out there, I daydreamed of getting back into the garden, of getting my knees and hands dirty, and of watching my little buds flourish under the hot, summer sun. 

Sometimes, when I look around at the white world that currently surrounds me, I forget that just beyond this blanket of snow and cold, there are hot sunny days waiting for us.  Days, when we spend almost every waking minute outside swimming, playing soccer, gardening, or just sitting; days when we can slip on some flip flops and leave our sweaters behind; days when the sun never seems to tire and the only thing that outlasts it is my kids' energy; days when we prolong going back into the hot house as long as possible to sit out under the cool night sky, sharing stories and laughs around the bonfire, while I hold one of the kids on my lap, drinking in the smell of summertime that is splashed all over their skin.  

It is coming.

I can smell it on the melting snow.

I can feel it on the sun's rays as it lightens up my home.

Spring is coming.

And even though, we have at least two months before we see and feel any real changes, Saturday was a welcome reminder that She has not forgotten about us and that She is just around the corner.

Saturday morning cartoons and sunglasses
Happy Monday, everyone!

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