Monday, 8 July 2013

Heat Wave!

It has been hot, and I have been loving every minute of it! Or at least trying to. Being pregnant in 36' C weather is not easy, and although I am a lover of the heat, there were a few times that I may have whispered:

Okay, enough already.

If I stood up for any length  of time, my feet would swell up. I lost my appetite, and lived off of ice water and Freezies the entire weekend. It was so bad, I didn't even partake in my weekly Poutine indulgence! Eeeek! With my growing belly and a room that was consistently 29'C, I had a terrible time sleeping. To top it all off, the heat made all my little munchkins very cranky, and I spent the entire weekend breaking up fights and sending boys to their room. 

But . . . 

I never complained once, and I wouldn't let my kids moan and groan either.  We are so blessed to have a pool in our backyard. We were blessed to have no plans this weekend and a Mr. Level-Headed, who was also free, to spend it with. We are blessed to have lots of good friends to enjoy our pool with, as we did this past weekend, and we are very blessed to have a freezer full of frozen treats. I see no reason to complain here!

Living in Atlantic Canada, I knew the weather could and would change any minute like it did this morning. Hello, rain! Unless it is rain, our weather is incapable of remaining consistent for more than a four-day stretch. So, I made the most of all the heat and sunshine. I embraced my sweaty, swollen self and lived in sun dresses. I spent copious amounts of time floating lazily in the pool, and I put a smile on my face the whole entire time. Summer has arrived, and it is going to be an awesome one!

In all this sunshine, hats were a necessity!

My new best friend. Not as tasty as Poutine, but very satisfying.

How did you make the most of the heat?

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