Friday, 5 July 2013

Nothing Beats a Hot, Sunny, Summer Day

Can I just say that I LOVE summer! There truly is no better time of year. Thanks to the heat, the sun, the fun activities and the break from school, my one goal each day can be to simply enjoy my kiddos. Sure, we are still doing a bit of workbook review and there are always appointments, endless doctor, dentist, and automotive appointments, but for the most part, our summer is filled with carefree, lazy days, and there is nothing I love more. Yesterday, for instance, was the perfect day. We kicked it off by attending to our real world responsibilities. Baby Girl went to the gym with Mr. Level-Headed (the gym has a great program running this summer where teens get to go for free!), we took the Loser Cruiser (the kids named it, not me) in to get an oil change and the summer tires put back on (I live in Canada. You just never know when winter is finished for certain), and the kids each did a math review and thirty minutes of reading (according to Elliot, this constitutes as cruel and unusual torture). Then when all that was finished, we hit the pool. Oh, how I love my pool, and oh, how I love my hubby for finally  putting it in last year! The kids and I spent a whomping four hours in it yesterday, and Mr. Level-Headed even got off work early and was able to join us. It was heavenly!

The other thing I love about summer is that by the time supper rolls around and everyone has spent the day outside in all the heat, no one feels like eating a big meal. So at 5:30pm, I dragged my water-logged body out of the pool, got my hubby to saute some shrimp in garlic and butter, while I made a spinach salad (I do eat healthy . . . sometimes!), and voila, supper was served. No fuss, no muss, and more importantly, no whining! Then, with Freezies in hand, we headed up to the soccer field for the boys practice, where I lounged on a bench talking to all the other moms and dads. Again, can life can any better?  After soccer, we were still feeling pretty sweaty and sticky, so we went for one last dip in the pool. Normally, after soccer practice, we have to rush home and get everyone to bed, but not in the summer! In fact, after our swim, the house was way too hot for sleeping so we all lounged around the living room watching a documentary on the Bones Brigade. How cool is that? In fact it was so entertaining that Mr. Level-Headed even stayed up to watch! Do you remember the Bones Brigade? They were that skateboarding team, whom we all adored and idolized during junior high school. Nothing screams junior high for me like the Tony Hawk bangs! It was great to see that many of them are very successful men now in both their business lives and their family lives. I love happy endings . . . 

 almost as much as I love spending lazy, summer days with these guys!

Avery tackling a little summertime review.

Elliot taking a stand against his mama's foolishness for setting up early morning appointments during summer vacation by refusing to get up.

Some random fifteen year old girl, floating in our pool. It is definitely NOT Baby Girl because we all know that all photos of Baby Girl must be pre-approved by the diva herself, and this mama would never want to do anything to upset her . . . tee hee!

Enjoy your weekend! It's gonna be a hot one.

Eeeek! I almost forgot that I have an important announcement to make . . .  the award  for being the first person to skinny dip in our pool goes to Elliot! Zoe thought it would be funny to steal his swim trunks, but unbeknownst to her, Elliot decided to embrace the freedom of his nakedness and spent the next half hour trying to give her a hug . . . tee hee! It was priceless watching that white bum swim across the water and Zoe frantically swimming away with a look of horror and disgust. 

Second place goes to Mr. Level-Headed and I . . . wink, wink. We missed the gold by only a couple of hours . . . tee hee! There is never a dull moment here at Shenanigans Inc. 

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