Friday, 16 October 2015

4 Things That are Making me Smile Today

I have the biggest smile on my face this morning. I probably look absolutely ridiculous and I am sure the kids are concerned that I have finally cracked, but I can`t help it. I am just so darn happy!

First and foremost, there are no hospital visits on our agenda today, tomorrow or the day after. That`s right; Zoe was finally discharged . . . woohoo! Now, she can rest at home and let her new medication work. Thank you everyone for your prayers, your positive thoughts and your voodoo . . . tee hee! Okay, I am kidding about the voodoo . . . I think. But whatever you did on behalf of my Baby Girl, it worked so I thank you.

Secondly, I did not have to make a single meal this week and no one in my family starved. I am truly humbled by all the meals and dinner invites we received from friends and family. With all of you on my side, I think I can face just about anything. Thank you!  

Thirdly, skype! Oh my goodness, I love seeing Mr. Level-Headed`s mug on the computer each night. It is so cute to watch Leif wave at him and hear the kids bombard him with all the tales from their day. Avery has been scoring a ton of goals this week in his school`s soccer games, and I think being able to boast about it to his dad over the computer is really motivating him. 
I also love to hear about how different life in Nunavut is. Did you know that twelve cans of Coke costs $25! Oh. My. Land. It`s a good thing Mr. Level-Headed is the one working up there and not me because I would have no money left to show for my efforts . . . eeek!  He also walked to work yesterday morning with snow on the ground and a brisk -19` windchill blowing off the Hudson Bay right into his face. I guess he should have packed some goggles like his wise wife suggested . . . hmmmmm.

Fourthly, Harriet is totally making me laugh out loud this week. Her unique personality is starting to shine through and I love it! She is ridiculously serious. We really have to work for those giggles and more times than not, she glares at us with disgust or feigns disinterest in our antics. But the funniest thing this week has been her intense attachment to me. Harriet has always loved her mama, but recently she has stepped it up a notch and become my sidekick in all things. She loves nothing more than resting on my hip and helping me make supper, do laundry or reprimand the other kids. When the doctor`s would come in to discuss their grand plans for Zoe, Harriet would sit on my lap and hang onto their every word. A couple of times, the doctors could not help but laugh. The other night, when I had to get up out of bed to clean up Leif`s projectile vomit (gosh, my life is glamourous!), she immediately woke herself up the minute she felt my body separate from hers. She rolled back and forth, grunting and rubbing her eyes until she was able to open both of them and fussed until I propped her up so that she could watch my every move. I could almost hear her cheer me on and voice her disgust over Leif`s inability to aim. Then, when I was done, she promptly returned to sleep as soon as I laid down beside her. Gosh, I love my Thing 5

Now for the obligatory photos:

I call this series the many faces of Harriet. Note that only 1 out of 5 times is she smiling.


Mild Interest:

Total Disinterest:

Eureka! A smile:

The Pout
(Harriet pulls this one out when she realizes that she is no longer attached to her mama)

Seriously, no matter how rough my days can get, I am never lonely and for that I am grateful.

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