Thursday, 1 October 2015

When You Give a Toddler a Puddle . . .

Yesterday was a wet, wet day. The two-under-two crew and I were housebound since our big, Baby Girl demanded  . . . er I mean . . . asked if she could have the car for the day. If you have ever been a teenager or have a raised a teenager then you know that the world revolves around them and we, the parents, siblings and friends, of the teenager are merely here to make their life more comfortable and enjoyable. If for a moment you feel the need to question this universal law then I warn you: duck and hide . . . duck and hide!

Anyhoo . . .

So, we were housebound and rainy days are no fun to be housebound with a toddler and an infant. Okay, I am lying. Rainy days are great opportunities to snuggle with an infant; it's the toddler that makes things challenging. By noon, we had read stories,coloured pictures, played trains, ate snacks, and napped. Oh, and he, the toddler, coloured on the couch with a highlighter, dragged clean clothes from room to room, brushed his teeth at least ten times (we have the toddler toothpaste with no fluoride - phew!), stood on the table and threw soggy cheerios on the floor for Scout to eat, washed Harriet's face with at least ten baby wipes and put Zincofax cream all over her jeans, After we ate lunch, I was done with the toddler, but unfortunately, I can't just be done with the toddler. So, I needed to think fast. I looked outside and saw the raining coming down. When there is rain, there are puddles, and if you give a toddler a puddle . . . well, let's just say this mama gets a break. 

 I was still in my pajamas and Leif was only in a diaper and a shirt, but I didn't have it in me to wrestle some pants on him or to wrestle my own pants from him in order to get dressed. We grabbed our rain boots and rain coats. I tucked Harriet inside of my coat, and we were off. For the next hour, life was good.

He splashed.

He fished.

And of course, he played soccer.

He collected rocks.

He took his clothes off. 

And he splashed again.

Harriet loves watching Leif play, and each time he splashed in a puddle, she would giggle. She was feeling very Seusical yesterday, which could also explain why she was so giddy.

When we went back inside, life returned to normal; Leif made messes, Leif threw tantrums and Harriet continued to giggle. She is such a sweetheart! But for that one hour we spent outside, life was blissful. Thank heavens for puddles!

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