Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Toddler To-Do Lists

To go anywhere with the two-under-two crew is an event. By the time I have wrestled two babies into new diapers and clean clothes, someone has usually pooped their pants or better yet, taken off their pants. Then once they are changed, I have to search for misplaced shoes and finally, I have to throw something other than my nightgown and housecoat on and pack the diaper bag. It is exhausting! And not to mention, now with the cooler temperatures hitting, there are hats, mitts, and coats to first find and then put on. So, when we finally do go out, I like to GO OUT. We make it an event because there is no point in spending an hour to get ready if you are only out of the house for ten minutes. So, on Monday, when I had to take the crew with me to vote, I decided we needed to do add more to our agenda, but for the life of me, I could not think of anything. The house was well-stocked with groceries and there were no playgroups or storytimes running that day, so I decided to let Leif take the reigns of our day. The first thing on his to-do list was go to the park. Monday was a really crisp day, but we were dressed for the colder temperature and therefore, we were quite comfortable. The playgrounds in fall are always so pretty with yellow and red leaves sprinkled all over the place, but man, they are a real downer once school gets back in because they are always empty. EMPTY! We have been going to all the different playgrounds in our area for the past two months and we never see another child there. It is sad. But hey, we always make the most of it: Leif gets the biggest kick out of Harriet and I climbing the playground structures with him, or swinging alongside of him. What can I say? We know how to have fun.

Can we all just pause for a moment and reflect upon how adorable and perfect this red, fleecy jump suit is . . .

She's smiling! She's actually smiling!

Then after the playground, Leif needed to go shopping for a few things.

His list included:
pipe cleaners
a treat
and a rubber frog,
 which mysteriously went missing right before we headed up to the check-out . . . tee hee!

I spent the longest time letting Leif lust meander through the aisles of the Dollar Store with his "cart" in tow. It was the cutest sight ever, and we were stopped by all the grammies along our way so that they could bask for a moment in his adorableness.

And we are outta here!

I love having a toddler in my life again!

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