Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Tigers, Trucks, Candy and Batman

I am so not on the ball for Halloween this year. We have no decorations up, and we don't even have a pumpkin! Can Halloween actually happen without a pumpkin? Isn't there some law that states the universe will prevent you from collecting candy if you do not have a carefully carved Jack-O-Lantern at home? I really hope not. My poor kids.

But I have to say, in my defense, that even though I appear to be the Halloween Scrooge this year, our Halloween social calendar is on point. In fact, I could argue that there are no decorations up this year because we are just too busy partying, and I would much rather party than decorate. Saturday kicked off our Halloween festivities with sugar cookies for breakfast and then a Truck-or-Treat in Sussex. I believe that this may be the most ingenious idea known to man! It combines all of a kid's favourite things - dress up, trucks and candy. How can you go wrong? Leif was in heaven! He was so excited to be surrounded by trucks that he did not even take notice of the candy the truck drivers were
handing out until the end when he began to feel a little peckish. 

Oh, and on a side note, Elliot dropped the word peckish on us the other day and his delivery was brilliant. I love words, but I adore when people use great words at just the right time even more, and this was one of those times. We all laughed, and I may have even professed my undying love for Elliot at that moment as well. That kid is awesome!


Such a great word.

I am just going to apologize now for this blog post. My mind is all over the place tonight.

 Anyhoo . . .

So, yeah, Leif was pretty much having the best time of his life checking out all of the trucks when all of a sudden he spotted a kid in a Batman costume. I did not even know that Leif knew who Batman was, but apparently he does because he squealed, then ran over to the kid, touched his chest and paused reverently to pay homage to this legendary super hero. Even the kid laughed; it was so ridiculous, but cute, very cute.

I can't help but wonder what was going through Leif's mind that afternoon. First, his mom insists that he wears a tiger costume and, since he was not the only toddler dressed in that exact tiger costume, he was almost kidnapped by a young ninja who mistook him for his baby brother . . . tee hee! Priceless. Second, his mom was encouraging him to break two of the most important childhood rules: 1. Never take candy from strangers and 2. Never get into a stranger's dumptruck, or car, or helicopter, or backhoe, or trailer, etc. The poor kid must have been so confused, confused but happy. Oh, so very happy!

But I suppose he probably just figured that it was okay to throw caution to the wind since Batman was there. That's right. No one messes with kids when Batman is around.

I love how his face is covered in flour.

No, mommy. I was not eating the cookie dough . . .

That tail . . . seriously. Toddlers are already over-the-top adorable and then we throw them into plush costumes with tails . . . oh. my. land.

Some of these trucks were BIG . . .

Leif was intrigued by this tiny, talking ambulance.

Let's just pop this hood and see what's going on.

And that was just the beginning! We still have a trunk-or-treat and a Halloween party to attend. Not to mention the grand event itself . . . wow! I think it is safe to say that after this week Leif will be a fan for life. Happy Halloween!

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