Monday, 5 October 2015

Recharging My Batteries.

This weekend was exactly what I needed to recharge my batteries. Not only was it conference weekend for us, Latter-Day Saints,  but it was also just one of those weekends that I love the most - I had no where to go  (we watch the conference talks from the comfort of our home) and my people were all around me. It is October and so the weather is perfect! Chilly enough to wear your sweaters and your toques but not cold enough to keep you inside. Mr. Level-Headed and the boys worked on some projects around the house, while I folded basket after basket of laundry. My house smelled delicious with a large pot of soup on the stove and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies cooling on the counter. Divine! Seriously, I could not have asked for more.

Here is Harriet thinking deeply about the talks she heard during conference. This was my favourite talk. It was an answer to my prayers and has inspired me to keep moving forward.

And yes, and I am beyond excited for the cooler temps and here are just two reasons why:

Can they get any cuter?

I think not.

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